The Armoury and Paulin Reveal Collaborative Modul A "Hong Kong Dial" Watch

The Armoury and Paulin Reveal Collaborative Modul A "Hong Kong Dial" Watch

The Armoury has unveiled its latest timepiece, the Modul A “Hong Kong Dial” edition, created in collaboration with Paulin. This collaborative watch comes available in four different dial iterations and two different band/bracelet styles and is designed to celebrate both heritage and innovation.

Inspiration for this Hong Kong Dial emerged during The Armoury team’s visit to Glasgow, where they were drawn to anOrdain and Paulin’s unreleased 1970s-style C-shaped case. This encounter sparked the creation of the Hong Kong Dial, a twist on the classic California Dial. It features a mix of Roman numerals, with a special touch of Chinese characters at the four, five, eight, and nine positions. This design choice is meant to be symbolic of The Armoury’s deep-rooted connection to both Eastern and Western cultures.

As for the decision to collaborate with Paulin, it was inspired by their departure from conventional watch design, which aligns with The Armoury’s vision, making them an ideal partner. The watch’s modular case, encompassed by a black ring, adds a distinct aesthetic while accommodating different movement sizes.

The Hong Kong Dial’s matte charcoal face, complemented by dark gold numerals on a silver mesh bracelet, positions it as a versatile piece for any event. Its compact 34mm size was purposefully chosen to make it suitable for all wearers and the option of colored dial variations offers a unique mode of self-expression.

Opting for a quartz movement, the watch promises a slim profile and easy maintenance — with the transparent caseback, a departure from traditional stainless steel, showcasing the intricate blue and gold design of the ETA 955.112 movement.

Taking a look at technical specifications, the Modul A Hong Kong Dial features a stainless steel build, a 35mm diameter and water resistance up to 50 meters. It comes available with either a suede strap or a stainless steel mesh bracelet, catering to different style preferences and is set to release today, December 6, via The Armoury’s online store for a retail price of $600 USD.
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