New Reports Shockingly Allege Britney Spears Is Considering Reconciling With an Estranged Family Member

Today in things we didn’t have on our bingo cards, Britney Spears is allegedly considering a reconciliation with her estranged father, Jamie Spears. The shocking report comes days after claims that the pop star reconnected with her brother Bryan Spears as she navigates her divorce from Sam Asghari.

According to TMZ, sources say Britney has expressed wishes to mend the broken relationship between herself and Jamie because Bryan recently filled her in about their father’s deteriorating health. The elder Spears has reportedly been ill for several months with a condition doctors believed was stemming from his kidneys, but was recently found to be a severe infection in his knees following a knee replacement he underwent 16 years ago.

The outlet reports that Jamie was “elated” when he heard about his daughter’s total 180 on their relationship going forward. Jamie was Britney’s conservator for 13 years, and following their tumultuous 2021 court battle to revisit the conservatorship, which was ultimately dissolved, the “Toxic” singer said in an Instagram video she wanted her dad to be put in jail for the abuse he enacted on her for over a decade. Now her tune has reportedly changed, though Britney has yet to comment on any new developments in her relationship with her father.

On Tuesday, a source told Page Six about the “Stronger” singer receiving support from her brother amid her separation from Asghari, to whom she was married for just over a year after they began dating in 2016. “[Bryan has] been staying over and helping [Britney] alongside a therapist,” the source claimed, adding it’s “a great thing for all of [the Spears family].”

Bryan was much quieter than other members of the family during the conservatorship court battle, but he did recognize that “having someone constantly tell you to do something has got to be frustrating” during a 2020 podcast interview. Regardless of what Britney chooses to do concerning her relationship with her father and other family members, we wish her nothing but health and happiness.

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