Courteney Cox Has One Thing In Common With Her 'Friends' Character & It's As Messy As It Is Relatable

Courteney Cox is cheekily paying homage to her iconic Friends character, Monica Gellar, in a hilarious video shared on her Instagram.

Shot by her creative team director Max Goodrich, Cox explains she recently redecorated her dining room and wants to show her followers the updated space. While following the actress as she leads the way, Goodrich pivots to a partially open doorway, saying, “Oh wait, what’s in here?”

As he opens the door the rest of the way to reveal a spacious closet piled high with random things including boxes, blankets, stools, and more, Cox runs into the frame while exclaiming, “Oh my gosh, nothing! Max, nothing.” Goodrich scoffs, “That’s pretty — that’s messy.” Cox continues, “Please, Max, stop! That’s not funny,” as she pretends to battle the pocket door out of its slot to hide the storage room.

Goodrich, playing clueless, asks, “Is this like a junk closet or something?” Finally gaining purchase on the door to slide it shut, Cox orders, “Seriously, don’t film it.” Lunging at the camera to block the lens with her hands, the Friends alum begs, “Max, stop!” She hilariously adds, “Erase the footage now. Okay?” Goodrich complies with a repeated, slightly alarmed, “Okay, okay!” Cox captioned the satirical clip, “Come on…we all have one 😳🫢🤫 #secretcloset #monica”

The funny video was a treat for fans of the cult classic TV series, nodding at Cox’s character who was known for being obnoxiously meticulous, save for her secret messy closet that Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing discovers in one episode.

Fans ate up the impromptu skit, with one commenting, “THIS IS SO MONICA GELLER (WITH THE SECRET UNORGANIZED ROOM) ARE YOU KIDDING ME.” Another wrote, “*in chandler’s voice* “you’re messy 😂,” while someone else penned, “looks like Monica still has a messy closet 😂.” Jokingly referring to a line uttered by Matt Leblanc’s Joey Tribbiani, another fan commented, “maybe its richard in there 😂”

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Jokes aside, we’re not judging Cox’s (perhaps fictional?) messy closet — we’re not afraid to admit we’re also housing one (or two) of our own! We do indeed all have one.

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