Pointless Richard Osman red-faced for being thrown out of David Bowie’s toilet

Pointless Richard Osman red-faced for being thrown out of David Bowie’s toilet

Richard Osman says ‘amazing people’ are replacing him in Pointless

Richard Osman was once escorted out of David Bowie’s toilet behind the scenes at a festival.

The Pointless star made the revelation while appearing on the Hits Radio Breakfast show with Fleur East and co-hosts James and Matt today.

While discussing his famous brother Mat Osman, who is the bass player in rock band Suede, the television presenter shared: “He’s very cool my brother and I’ve never been cool, so I’ve never competed with him in that way.

“I never wanted to be a pop star, I don’t have it in me. So, for me when they were getting absolutely massive, I’d be out in Barcelona watching them on stage and I’d be standing next to David Bowie and I’d be going, ‘Whoa this is absolutely nuts…’”

The House of Games presenter went on to share how exactly he ended up getting thrown out of what emerged to be the music legend’s personal toilet.

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Richard continued: “I once got thrown out of his toilet as well.

“It was backstage at the same festival and I thought, ‘Oh that’s nice there’s a little secluded loo’ – you know what loos are like at festivals, even backstage they’re pretty grim – but there was a really lovely loo available with quilted loo roll, carpeted floors and walls.

“It was beautiful, so I went in and then I just heard knocking on the door and a voice say, ‘Please, please leave Mr Bowie’s toilet…’”

Richard left teatime quiz show Pointless back in July 2022 after filming more than 1,300 episodes and nearly 30 series on the BBC show.

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The novelist took to Twitter to watch the new series and shared his thoughts on his replacement Sally Lindsay taking his seat.

He wrote: “So excited about watching this at 5.15.

“The first time I’ve ever been able to watch #Pointless and actually play along without knowing the answers already. Good luck to the first of the new co-hosts @‌sallylindsay.”

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