EastEnders romance for Jay Brown as he worries about moving on from Lola

EastEnders romance for Jay Brown as he worries about moving on from Lola

EastEnders: Lola dies

EastEnders’ Jay Brown (played by Jamie Borthwick) worries about moving on from his late wife Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) when he meets newcomer Nadine (Jazzy Phoenix).

Jay endured a heartbreaking journey after Lola was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died months later.

Lola left behind young daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown), whom Jay and Lexi’s father Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) are now taking care of.

Jay continues to struggle with his grief, but official spoilers reveal he may soon feel conflicted when another woman catches his eye.

In scenes yet to air on the BBC soap, Jay returns to the Square after a night of walking having not been able to sleep due to grief.

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He is later warmed when he meets Walford newcomer Nadine.

Jay apologises to Nadine for his abrupt departure when they first met before taking her for a drink in The Albert where the pair put aside the misunderstanding.

Later, Nadine invites Jay back to hers where she attempts to seduce him, but Jay refuses her advances.

Nadine arrives in the Square soon after as Jay worries about being seen with her.

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Could Jay’s eye have been caught by the newest resident of Albert Square?

While he may be reluctant to think about moving on just yet, it could be a blossoming romance.

If the pair do grow close, how will Lola’s daughter Lexi take the update?

To make things stranger, Nadine shares a striking resemblance to Lola.

Ben might also be disappointed if he thinks Jay is moving on from Lola too quickly – will he try to intervene?

Or could Jay eventually find some new happiness with Nadine?

Perhaps the two will start off as friends after Jay finally finds someone to confide in about his intense grief, and as time goes on they could turn their friendship into something more.

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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