Demand For Tom Brady Memorabilia Soars After Retirement

Demand For Tom Brady Memorabilia Soars After Retirement

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Tom Brady‘s decision to retire from the NFL has caused a massive spike in demand for memorabilia linked to the 7-time Super Bowl champion — and TMZ Sports has learned collectors are clamoring to buy and sell memorabilia affiliated with the G.O.A.T.

Officials from PWCC Marketplace tell us since Brady announced his retirement Wednesday, buyers are intensely searching for TB12 trading cards online. Meanwhile, sellers are trying to unload some of the rarest Brady pieces they have at auction.

A rep for the auction site tells us Brady, who retired after 23 NFL seasons, is now the most searched player on the PWCC Marketplace. For context, Tom was ranked 10th among the top searched players in the days before his retirement announcement.

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“It’s a limited data set we’re looking at due to the fact it’s just hours after he announced his retirement, but it is safe to say interest in Brady’s trading cards and collectibles has risen substantially,” PWCC exec Jesse Craig said.

“That data is going to support what will also be the consensus market perspective that his retirement will create an increase in demand for his collectible assets.”

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Craig says a seller contacted PWCC after Brady’s announcement … and is auctioning a 2000 Brady Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie card that’s expected to sell for over six figures.

“The fact that it’s coming to auction so immediately after this announcement means there are sellers out there who were waiting for this,” Craig said.

“They are choosing to move high-end Brady assets now because they feel this retirement will be a keystone event in his legacy.”


In November 2021, PWCC sold a BGS 9.5 copy of the same card in the leadup to Brady’s first retirement for $312,000 at an auction.

Of course, Brady just retired … so the dust hasn’t fully settled on his Hall of Fame career, but it’s already clear that Tom’s legacy continues to extend beyond the football field.

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