I was on a huge game show as a teenager – I looked AWFUL on screen and humiliated myself, it still haunts me years later | The Sun

I was on a huge game show as a teenager – I looked AWFUL on screen and humiliated myself, it still haunts me years later | The Sun

TIKTOKER Lexi Barraza shares how she’s still haunted by her appearance on a US game show in “mortifying” throwback video. 

Popular TikTok user Lexi competed on the game show Winsanity, but the experience was nothing like she expected. 

The Los Angeles-based game show was hosted by former Scrubs star Donald Faison during its run from 2016 to 2018. 

Winsanity begins with a contestant being chosen from the audience at random. They then have the opportunity to compete and win prizes for themselves and other members of the audience. 

The objective of the game is to place ten numerical facts in order, with the highest number on top and the lowest number on the bottom. Each round builds on the last, getting harder as it goes. 

Lexi, who is a realtor from Las Vegas, was one of the show’s very first episodes, revealing she competed on the show six years prior to posting the TikTok video, which she shared in 2022.


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It came as a complete surprise to her that she’d be competing on the show.

“I had no idea I was going to be on TV that day,” she said in the video, adding that she wasn’t happy with her appearance at all.

And to make matters worse, she didn’t do very well on the show – failing to take

Any of $50,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Because of this, she says the appearance still haunts her, even years later. 

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Sharing a look back at the experience in her TikTok video, Lexi shakes her head as a member of the audience attempts to give her advice on how many 3-point shots American basket baller Charles Barkley made throughout his NBA career. 

After host Donald clarified that this was confined to “regular season,” meaning no playoff or all-star games, an audience member said: “He probably played about 12, 13 years and my guess – he wasn’t a three point shooter – my guess is he’s under 263.”

Lexi shook her head as the audience member spoke, indicating that this was wrong. Charles actually enjoyed a 16-year-long career. 

However, another audience member joined in to help her out, pointing out that if you do the maths, a 12+ career with 30-40 3-point baskets per year would be above 263, which was one of the numbers she already had on the board.

Lexi nodded as this audience member spoke and she then took the advice to go higher, suggesting she got the answer right. However, the TikTok video says that she ultimately went on to lose out the show. 

“I lost over $50k worth of prizes on a game show when I was 19. I’m still very upset,” Lexi wrote alongside the video. 

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