Holly Willoughby airs concern for Susanna Reid after GMB host pulls out of show

Holly Willoughby airs concern for Susanna Reid after GMB host pulls out of show

Holly Willoughby explains why Susanna Reid couldn't appear on show

Holly Willoughby aired concern for her ITV colleague Susanna Reid after she had to pull out of a This Morning appearance following the National Television Awards. 

During Wednesday’s show, Holly explained to viewers: “Susanna was meant to be with us today to talk about inspiring women to be brave enough to have the chop but sadly, she lost her voice this morning.

“So get well soon, Susanna, you’re probably at home watching.”

“Yeah, hi Susanna,” co-host Craig Doyle added before explaining: “We do still have hairdresser Luke Hersheson with us, he’s downstairs now with Juliette, big member of the team.

“She is getting a new look today. I met her downstairs a few minutes ago, she’s absolutely terrified.”

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Susanna revealed a new hair do earlier this week as her long locks were replaced with a stylish bob.

However, she was unable to discuss the chop as she has been left unable to speak.

She was also absent from Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain and colleague Charlotte Hawkins had to step in to replace her last minute.

As Charlotte updated viewers, she was joined via video by Susanna, who was elsewhere in the studio. 

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“She has unfortunately lost her voice,” Charlotte told ITV viewers.

She went on to add: “She is here in the building with us – here she is! Susanna, how are you?”

The host joined via video call from another room as she replied in a very croaky voice: “I’m fine, I just can’t speak.”

As Charlotte asked what had happened, Susanna admitted: “I don’t know, I don’t know whether it was the heatwave inflaming my vocal cords.

“It’s funny because it was the NTAs last night, and when I got in my cab to leave, the driver said, ‘You’re the very first person to leave the NTAs. You’re obviously not partying.’

“And of course, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke so there’s absolutely no reason I can understand, I’ve just completely lost my voice.”

The This Morning hair segment had to continued without Susanna though and Juliette admitted: “I’m terrified and excited at the same time,” as Luke stood over her ready to restyle her hair.

She added: “I’m hoping it’s going to take years off!”

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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