EastEnders fans work out Karen exit storyline after kidnap plot

EastEnders fans work out Karen exit storyline after kidnap plot

EastEnders fans have “worked out” how popular character Karen Taylor will leave the soap in the coming weeks.

They believe she'll go to prison with her son, Keanu Taylor, after the pair worked together to kidnap Keanu’s son, Albi.

Viewers have watched in recent weeks as Keanu was dealt a huge blow when his ex-partner and Albi’s mum, Sharon Watts, broke the news that she was going to take Albi to Dubai, after being offered a once in a lifetime job opportunity.

Despite protests from Keanu, Sharon stuck to her decision, and because Keanu is not on Albi’s birth certificate, he couldn’t stop her from going.

Looking to stop her from going, Karen and Keanu came up with a plan – they thought that if Keanu convinced Sharon he still loved her, she would change her mind. But despite his best efforts, she rejected him and continued to plough ahead with her move.

As a result, Keanu then decided he'd take Albi without Sharon’s permission, and stole his passport. However, on their way to the airport, Keanu had a change of heart.

In a moment of panic, Keanu told Sharon that Albi had been taken, when he turned his back on him in the park, leading to a huge investigation from the police.

What Sharon doesn’t know is that Albi is with a member of Keanu’s family in Birmingham.

On Thursday, 2 November, as Keanu comforted Sharon, a ransom letter demanding £50K came through the door.

That letter was from Keanu, and when Karen found out what he had done, she told him they'll both be going to prison when the truth comes out.

The exchange lead to fans suspecting that Karen will take the fall for Keanu, and go to prison after it was confirmed that the actress who plays her will leave.

On X, formally known as Twitter, this viewer wrote: “Gonna guess Karen will take the prison fall for Keanu then…”

While another said: “just catching up on tonight’s # EastEnders why do I think Karen’s exit is a prison sentence.”

Someone else penned: “Karen is 100% going to protect Keanu over this and go to prison for him. #EastEnders.”

Another commented: “Is Karen’s exit storyline gonna be…she’s sent to prison for “kidnap” #Eastenders.”

Lorraine Stanley, who plays Karen, has spoken about her exit in an interview withThe Sun, sharing what she hopes fans will remember from her character.

The 47 year old said: “I just want people to remember her as the best mum on the square, a heart of gold, she's give you her last fiver and would do anything for her kids – a bit like myself.”

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