Coronation Street fans ‘rumble’ deadly Aadi twist after Courtney bombshell

Coronation Street fans ‘rumble’ deadly Aadi twist after Courtney bombshell

Ever since Coronation Street's Aadi Alahan began a steamy love affair with married woman Courtney Vance earlier this year, it’s safe to say the teenager’s life has been far from straight forward.

As well as wrecking a marriage, ruining his father’s business deal and causing some serious estrangement among his relatives, Aadi and Courtney have also been struggling to live a comfortable life after setting up home for themselves in a basic flat.

Yet despite not being able to give Courtney the life of luxury she was accustomed to, Aadi was still hopeful of a happy future with the woman of his dreams, after he secured a job at Fresco stacking shelves to help bolster their income.

In a devastating twist however, while Aadi was preparing to tell Courtney the good news in Wednesday's instalment, 1 November, he was visited by Courtney’s ex-husband Darren Vance, who informed the shocked lad that he and Courtney had decided to give their marriage another go.

As he prepared to gather up his wife’s belongings, a devastated Aadi could be seen struggling to hold it together as he tried to process the bombshell news that his fairytale romance had come to a heartbreaking end.

Unwilling to accept the news at face value, Aadi reached out to Courtney by trying to phone her, only to realise she had blocked his number and been too cowardly to tell him.

Humiliated and heartbroken, Aadi was later seen in the flat wallowing in his own misery, before picking up a photo of the couple and hurling it across the room.

Crucially, during the throw, Aadi knocked over a carbon monoxide monitor, prompting many fans to fear that this was foreshadowing a potentially fatal twist for the character in the coming days.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the episode’s developments, one fan wrote: "Yay!!! Predatory Courtney has left Aadi.”

A second viewer then added: “Wow Courtney getting back with her husband surely Aadi deserves an explanation.”

Before a third weighed in and commented: “Best thing Courtney has done is to leave Aadi” before adding she “didn’t love him anyway.”

However not everyone was sure Aadi was out of the woods yet, as they feared the worst following the incident with the carbon monoxide detector.

One fan wrote: "Did Aadi just break his carbon monoxide monitor? Is gonna end up getting carbon monoxide poisoning? Wouldn’t put it past the writers to try and kill a character whilst they’re absolutely heartbroken."

A second replied with another suggestion as they speculated: "Or Courtney does."

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