Brian Dowling drops huge hint he’s lined up for Celebrity Big Brother with cryptic comment about huge pay cheque | The Sun

Brian Dowling drops huge hint he’s lined up for Celebrity Big Brother with cryptic comment about huge pay cheque | The Sun

BRIAN Dowling drops huge hint he’s lined up for Celebrity Big Brother with cryptic comment about huge pay cheque.

The TV presenter first won the second series of the show on Channel 4 in 2001 after he lasted 64 days in the house.

But it seems that the former Big Brother star might be interested in going back into the house.

Brian Dowling Gourounlian, 45, spoke exclusively to The Sun on behalf of Paddy Power Games.

When asked if he would go back into the house as part of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, he explained: "If the money was right. That's the only way they could get me back in the house for a third time. I'm the ultimate housemate. There's no one else that's an ultimate.

"I got asked this the other day, and I thought I first thought was like, no, I wouldn't go back in, and then I went you know what I would listen.


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"Big Brother, is a great show, you know. It afforded me so much, as I've said I’m the ultimate housemate. The money would need to be right.

"Let's be realistic, because I know wholeheartedly it would not be an easy ride for me in there, especially the ultimate and someone who won twice."

He continued: "I can imagine I'd be put in awkward situations. I'm sure I'd be tested."

"You know I have a good life in the real world. Listen, money talks, and I don't mean that in a really in a shallow way, but that's the truth.

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"Of course I'd be interested. I'd be tempted."

He added: "So you never know. You never know. Yeah. Well, we'll watch this space then."

The former air steward was one of the most iconic and memorable contestants of the long-running social experiment.

When the Channel 4 iteration of the show came to an end, a special all-star series to commemorate the show aired, which featured iconic housemates.

Brian took part in the special Ultimate Big Brother instalment and won that show almost a decade later in 2010.

When the show returned to Channel 5, Brian was asked to host the main show after Davina McCall stepped down.

He fronted the series for two years from 2011 until he was axed in 2013 when he was replaced with Emma Willis.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, Brian said: "I was only 33 years old when I was offered the job of hosting the main show. I, of course, said yes, even though it was the spin-off show I wanted & not the main show.

"But I would have been a fool to turn it down. Speaking honestly, I always feel some people like to change history & try & erase the fact I hosted the show directly after Davina & then it went to Emma."

He continued: "Just recently, on Friday's This Morning, for example. The new hosts of Big Brother AJ & Will were being interviewed & they were asked if they had spoken to Emma & Davina obviously as the ex hosts & then their pics were brought up on screen.

"Yet again, there wasn't even a mention of my time hosting, or even anyone on the production team that would have at least flagged that I was also an ex-presenter."

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