Big Brothers Glyn Wise- I needed a doctor and they appeared in the diary room – but we had no contact with the outside world

Big Brothers Glyn Wise- I needed a doctor and they appeared in the diary room – but we had no contact with the outside world

Big Brother 2006 is remembered as one of the most iconic series of the show's history, seeing memorable housemate Pete Bennett storming to victory.

One of his good friends in the house was Glyn Wise, 35, who went into the house wearing only a pair of lifeguard shorts.

The star, who is now training to be a vicar, befriended a number of housemates on the show – including Nikki Grahame, who sadly passed away in 2021. – and quickly became popular with audiences. He went on to come second to Pete.

Now Glyn, has lifted the lid on some behind-the-scenes secrets in an exclusive interview with OK! revealing that none of the contestants had any contact with the outside world – and that doctors were once called to the house.

“No one was ever smuggled out or had emergency phone calls but I was playing wrestling with Imogen and one of the boys and I both tool a knock and I had to go and see a doctor.

I went into the diary room and there was a doctor standing next to the chair and I thought no one watched the show so I said 'hi my name's Glyn, through this door is a show called Big Brother and I’m participating in it.'

The doctor was smiling at me not saying anything-everything was fine afterwards and I was ok. It was a strange experience for me and the doctor.

It was like being in a fantasy world, like Disney Land and I really didn’t think people were watching.

The new housemates have got it so easy, it's like summer camp for them and they seem to be getting three course meals every day.

In my series, if we were really hungry or struggling with the food situation, we had to deal with it. If we were on basic rations, we were on basic rations.

We had to deal with a tricky washing situation too because we had a mangle and it would rip all your zips off. I find it crazy that the new housemates have a tumble drier and washing machine.

I guess at least when we were bored in that house, doing your washing was something to do. It was tough though, if you ruined your clothes, that was your own fault. Big Brother was harder with us back then.

Still, what you saw on the television with us was exactly what we got on the show. We never had any information brought in from the outside world or anything like that."

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