BBC EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ fake death twist as Nish leaves Eve for dead

BBC EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ fake death twist as Nish leaves Eve for dead

EastEnders viewers were treated to yet another dose of drama during the latest nail biting visit to Walford, when fan favourite Eve Unwin finally met her match, as Nish Panesar took revenge upon discovering her sordid affair with his wife Suki.

As regular viewers will know, Suki and Eve have been embarking on a secret love affair for several months now, with Suki lying about her sexuality to her abusive husband Nish as she felt unable to leave him.

Having finally plucked up the courage to leave Albert Square, Suki finally appeared to be able to take the crucial step towards her happiness, only for Nish to discover the affair after catching Eve and Suki kissing on CCTV.

Unwilling to be outsmarted by the pair, Nish soon set a trap and pretended to be Suki as he texted Eve and lured her to Walford East where he planned to confront her directly.

In tense scenes that followed, Nish fumed at a horrified Eve that she had “seduced” his wife and taken her away from him, prompting Eve to argue that Suki had “wanted” their relationship just as much before dropping the bombshell that they had both planned to run away together.

Disgusted by the confession, Nish told her: “You are disgusting. How could she even look at you? Prefer you to me?”

Without missing a beat, Eve soon burst out laughing and clapped back savagely, by telling him “To you? No really, in a mirror, you’re a controlling bitter little man. You think it’s love, it’s not. It’s control. It’s coercive control – nobody wants that.”

As the argument spiralled, barbs were issued on both sides, until finally Nish saw read and smacked Eve over the head with a bottle leaving her motionless and seemingly lifeless on the floor.

Shocked by what he had done, Nish quickly phoned Ravi to urge him to dispose of the body, as he urged his son to finish off Eve for good before she could ruin their lives any further.

However, despite things look bleak for Eve as the episode drew to a close, fans at home are convinced all may not be as it appeared, with several viewers even suggesting that Ravi may help Eve to fake her own death in order to outsmart Nish and beat him at his own game.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, one fan wrote: “I think Ravi will take Eve to hospital then send her away."

A second echoed a similar thought as they added: “Really hope Eve getting hurt doesn't lead Suki to blaming herself/have second thoughts about their future as a couple sadly. First Vin tries to kill Eve thankfully Suki got their first & now Nish? Hopefully Ravi will do the right thing.”

Before a third fan commented: “I've been thinking, I doubt Eve is leaving, I think she’ll be of screen for a while but will return next year after Nish is gone perhaps she’ll be a bit hurt physically but that's it.”

One fan also suggested that the episode’s events may even give Suki a new motive to take revenge on her evil husband for killing her lover, with Nish potentially even being the Christmas murder victim at the Queen Vic.

They commented: “Suki’s definitely going to kill Nish after this. She has to – before he hurts anyone else.”

“It better be Nish who dies Christmas Day after what he’s done to Eve,” agreed another.

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