Loose Women’s Denise Welch once pooed herself in public while watching sons gig

Loose Women’s Denise Welch once pooed herself in public while watching sons gig

Loose Women presenter Denise Welch has opened up about a mortifying moment she pooed herself in public at her son’s gig.

Loyal fans of the TV presenter will know she is the proud mum to her two sons, Louis and Matty Healey. Her eldest son Matty is famously known as the rock and roll frontman for the band 1975 and regularly performs for millions of fans all over the world.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the 65-year-old opened up about the mortifying incident which took place last November. The TV star confessed that she was wearing cream trousers when her husband spotted the stain.

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She confessed: “We were going to see my son Matty and his band, the 1975, at Madison Square Garden and I was walking through the streets, enjoying the sunshine, pretending I was in some kind of video – throwing my hat into the New York sky like Mary Tyler Moore.”

The former Hollyoaks star pointed out that although she isn’t as well-known over in the states, loyal fans of the singer still recognise her as his doting mother. Denise went on: “I saw a couple of people turn and look at me.

“Now, although I'm not famous in New York, whenever Matty’s there I do get recognised as his mum, so I'm smiling and waving at them. I went back to the hotel room and bent over to get something out of my suitcase, and my husband said, ‘Do you realise that you’ve s**t yourself?’”

It comes after the former soap star revealed that she is often mistaken for a huge Hollywood actress “at least twice a week.” During the ITV daytime show’s nationwide tour, Loose Women: Live Tour, the actress confessed that she is often mistaken for Dame Judi Dench.

She told the audience: “This must happen to me at least twice a week. The other thing is, who I get mistaken for. I’m sitting outside a bar in Soho having a coffee last year, and this guy comes up to me and he went, ‘You’re Judi Dench!’.

“I love Judi Dench but she’s 88. So my son on the phone went, ‘Oh my god mam, have you just been mistaken for Judi Dench?’” The TV presenter recently found herself in hot water when she clashed with her co-star Sue Cleaver last week.

During the show, the panel discussed Omid Scobie’s new book which centres around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Denise has always been a big supporter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and told the team that she would always be on their side.

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Denise confessed that she is hoping to read the explosive book, Endgame, this Christmas. She told viewers: “It’s on my Christmas list and I will read it. You know, listen, I think that we know enough about this guy and how much or how little he actually knows about Meghan and Harry, but we certainly know which camp he falls in.

“And it is the same camp that I fall in,” she added. It was at this point that the I’m A Celebrity star countered: “I find it interesting you talk about camps, I don’t think we need to be a camp.

“Because the trouble is with humans we all have our own reality and whatever we believe, we seem to think is the truth and let’s be honest, none of us know what’s going on in there.”

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