Elton John pays tribute to ‘wonderful’ Freddie Mercury ‘Full of love and life’

Elton John pays tribute to ‘wonderful’ Freddie Mercury ‘Full of love and life’

Freddie Mercury exhibition opens at Sotheby’s

During his short 45 years, Freddie Mercury had many close famous friends including Sir Elton John.

Now as the Queen singer’s ex-fiancée auctions off his personal possessions from his Garden Lodge home this week, the Rocketman legend has paid tribute.

After all, a few of the items were personal gifts from Sir Elton to Freddie that will see their proceeds donated to the Elton John Aids Foundation.

One of these includes a Cartier onyx bracelet with a current bid of £11,000.

Sir Elton shared a message in tribute to Freddie today ahead of what would have been his 77th birthday tomorrow.

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Sir Elton said: “I miss Freddie to this day. He was a wonderful friend – more full of love and life than anyone I’ve ever met – as well as a brilliant performer whose music has inspired and thrilled millions.

“Freddie and I shared a love of collecting and exchanged many gifts over the years, including some in this brilliant auction.

“He was kind, generous and funny and it is a tragedy that AIDS took him from the world much too soon.”

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Sir Elton added: “I am grateful to Mary for so lovingly curating his home, and for donating the proceeds from my gifts to Freddie to my Foundation, which continues to fight AIDS around the world, and I hope that would make Freddie smile. Elton John.”

The Freddie Mercury: A World of His Own auction kicks off on Wednesday after over half a million have visited Sotheby’s in London to see the contents of Garden Lodge for free.

The month-long exhibition closes tomorrow with the ticketed Evening Auction commencing on September 6 at 5pm.

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