Woman reveals savage response to men wanting to go 50/50 on a date

Woman reveals savage response to men wanting to go 50/50 on a date

I use one savage line whenever a man wants to split the bill on a date – but not everyone’s happy about it 

  • A single woman revealed what she says when men ask her to split the bill
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A woman has revealed the ‘sneaky’ response she uses when men ask to split the bill on dates – but not everyone is impressed with her ‘foolproof’ idea.

Pearl, from Los Angeles, is a firm believer in ‘feminine energy’ and prefers when men are comfortable in their role as providers.

Dating gurus have previously sparked heated debates about who should pay on the first date, and many women have admitted to ‘losing attraction’ when asked to split the bill.

The American singer shared that she uses one line every time a first date goes the wrong way – and it’s never failed her before.

‘When a man wants to go 50/50 with you on a date, say: ‘Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed right now. Wait, you wanted to just be friends? I’m so confused – this whole entire time I thought this was a date. I’m so sorry – here’s my card.’

Pearl [pictured], from Los Angeles, is a firm believer in ‘feminine energy’ and prefers when men are comfortable in their role as providers

Pearl shared that it was essential for men to know that if she was splitting the bill, she wasn’t content being in a relationship.

She’d rather use her savage line and set a standard on a first date when there’s nothing to lose. 

Many men and women agreed with Pearl and claimed it was best to make your expectations clear at the start.

‘The next move is that [Pearl] pays her half and never sees him again,’ one explained. ‘She’s not looking for a 50/50 relationship and that’s fine. She’s sending a message loud and clear.’

A woman asked, ‘I don’t understand why guys can’t pay for the whole bill? Why would you ask a woman on a date if you’re not going to pay. Who raised you?’

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But others claimed she was ’emotionally manipulative’.

‘Feminism suddenly leaves their body when it comes to money,’ a man said.

‘Yeah, no. If a girl ever pulled this on me I’d split the bill and never see her again. I don’t want any of that toxic sh*t in a relationship,’ another added.

‘Too many entitled women these days think just because you paid for their meal on the first date that you’re obligated to pay for their bills and groceries for the rest of their life,’ a third wrote.

But some insisted there was middle ground between the two options.

‘I’m all for equality and I pay for my stuff, but it’s just a nice kind gesture that the one who asks the other out pays for the date,’ a woman shared.

‘I’d never let a woman pay, but a woman who offers to pay is amazing and gets their meal paid for,’ a man wrote.

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