This viral TikTok hack helps you apply false eyelashes in seconds

This viral TikTok hack helps you apply false eyelashes in seconds

False eyelashes can make a world of difference to your makeup look, taking everything from a simple smokey eye to a barely-there beauty routine to the next level.

However, there’s no denying that it's a fiddly process that requires a certain amount of patience and skill to perfect, and it's one that plenty of people struggle to get absolutely right. From not getting them close enough to your lashline to the ever-annoying coming away at the ends, it can be frustratingly tricky.

However, we can always rely on TikTok to come up with a hack or two to make our life easier, and beauty creatorAdrián Ríosjust shared one of the most straightforward ways to get your false eyelashes perfect. Every. Single. Time.

With almost 13k views and counting, the hack involves some simple beauty products that you’ve probably already got, and takes less than five minutes to master. So, if you’re ready to be a falsies pro, here’s exactly how to get those lashes applied effortlessly.

Before you get into it, choose your lashes of choice. This technique works for just about any type, but strip lashes are the easiest to get to grips with at first.

We love the Lilly Lashes Everyday Collection Unveil Lashes, £22 here, for lash beginners, or you can use the Lilly Lashes Heiry Faux Mink Lashes, £18 here, for a little extra drama.

You also need to make sure that if your natural lashes are quite straight that you curl them before you begin to give your falsies something to grip onto, as well as helping them blend much more naturally.

Once your lashes – both real and false – are fully prepared, Adrián takes a brow wax – he uses Fenty Beauty Sculpting Brow Wax Pencil & Styler, £16 here (was £20), and applies it to the edges of an eyelash curler, on the section you would clamp on either side of your lashes.

He explainins that the brow wax is strong enough to support the weight of your false lashes but isn’t so strong it stops the glue from adhering them to your lashline, making it easier to apply them.

Clamp the curlers together to secure the lashes to the brow wax, before applying your eyelash glue to your lashes. Adrián uses the KISS Falscara Bond and Seal Glue, £11.24 here (was £14.99), which he applies underneath his lashes just like a mascara, however you can also use the Lilly Lashes Clear Brush-On Lash Adhesive, £10 here (was £12.50), and as Adrián says, you only need the tiniest amount of glue – don’t go over the top with it.

With your glue in place and your lashes secured to your eyelash curler, it’s time to do the actual application. Line your curler up underneath your eyelashes where the glue is, and clamp your falsies below your natural ones, holding it for a few seconds before releasing.

The curler not only helps you apply them instantly, but helps them merge with your natural lashes to create a subtle, blended effect.

Never again will you have to skip over the falsies step of a makeup tutorial!

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