Teen wife say expecting a baby at 19 says she is happier than partying

Teen wife say expecting a baby at 19 says she is happier than partying

Teenage wife says she is ‘sick of trolls telling her she’ll regret being pregnant at 19’ – and says she is happier settling down than partying

  • Louise Kilic, 19, UK, is in a long distance relationship with a man from Turkey
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A young wife from the UK has spoken out about how she has been trolled by people for being married and pregnant at her tender age.

Louise Kilic is engaged to a man from Turkey, and is pregnant with his child, with the two currently living in a long distance relationship which she posts about on TikTok, where her handle is @louisekilicx.

But while their situation is difficult, Louise seems extremely excited about the future, and about her plans of having a family with her Turkish fiance.

And she also seems unfazed by the couple’s tender age, with it being noted on numerous occasions that young motherhood can be very healthy got both the both and the baby.

However, despite her extremely positive outlook, and her messages which make it extremely clear she’s deeply excited about the pregnancy, she has been left with negatively feedback, she told the Sun.

Louise Kilic shows off her wedding ring in a TikTok video which called on her to show off her new surname

Louise told the Sun that she reguarly receives negative comments from people, who make comments after her life choices.

They pass judgement on whether decisions she has made now will be ones he will still be happy about when she is older.

And they can be very judgement and invasive in their thoughts.

She said people have said: ‘You’re going to regret getting married at 19 and settling down with kids.’

But she already has her own response to this question – which she has thought about and already knows what that she thinks.

Louise will reply: ‘Regret what? Being loved by the same man for the rest of my life?’

When come comes to starting her family with her husband now, she also has a response. She asks: ‘Or [will I] regret growing our own family?’

HUSBAND AND WIFE: The young couple show off their rings, as they start their life together, expecting their first baby together – a little girl

Louise has shared a number of videos showing her positive pregnancy tests online.

She has also shared videos showcasing her huge excitement as well as ultras sounds of her tiny unborn baby.

Louise has confirmed to her followers that she will be having a daughter.

And she asks naysayers whether they think she will ever regret bringing her little girl into the world with her husband. 

Louise explains while she does not ‘know how anyone else feels, for her, she would prefer to settle down with her little family than enjoy than a party life

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