'Tarot Queen' says Stormzy and Maya's Leo-Leo love is destined for the altar

'Tarot Queen' says Stormzy and Maya's Leo-Leo love is destined for the altar

Stormzy and Maya Jama’s love story has captured everyone’s imagination recently and their ‘power couple’ status looks to be fully restored.

Time heals, lessons have been learned, regrets aired and forgiven… or have they?

Let’s use astrology and numerology to look a little closer into the cosmic workings of this relationship

Don’t say the ‘D’ word

Aka ‘disrespect’. This is a loaded word for this pair and covers a great deal of ground, namely whatever Stormzy did and deeply regretted back in 2019. The reason this word is so powerful for this pair is that both are proud, ego-driven, regal, passionate Leos.

This sign works hard to gain the loyalty, admiration, and, yes, respect they feel they naturally deserve and any deviance from that can turn them inside-out. If you disrespect a Leo, you will know about it. It’s no surprise that this has taken them four years to address, talk about, and get past it.

Who’s the alpha?

So, two Leos. On the one hand, sharing a star sign is a good thing in a romantic relationship as you’re already on the same wavelength in many meaningful ways.

However, Leo on Leo, fire on fire. It comes with some in-built trickies and the first is probably ‘who’s the alpha here?’ Leos are naturally authoritative and want to lead, be in front, take charge, know that they have the upper hand. So two Leos can get into a little wrestling match about that top cat spot.

Maybe, last time around, Stormzy had that role and… well… ego got the better of him and he blew it (see the ‘D’ word…) but now it seems as though Maya is the queen and he is happy to put her on that pedestal and enjoy that dynamic. There aren’t many (any?) women he’d bow down to, but Maya has proven worthy of the shifting power balance.

What makes these guys tick?

All the Ps – passion, pride, and protectiveness. They are both fiery Leos so they will be very physical and amorous. They like to be admired and adored and will work hard to keep their partner’s eyes (and hands) on them alone!

They are both very proud and this inspires each of them to work hard to bring success, prosperity, and rewards to the relationship, being a ‘power couple’ totally ticks their boxes.

Finally, Leos are innately protective and these two have grown up together, shared the trials and tribulations of the very tough industry they both work in. They have got each other’s backs (this time around) and know the value of an ally who truly loves you. They feel in synch and ready to take on the world… on their own terms!

Where next for them?

This is heading all the way to the altar, given its current energy and trajectory. If we examine their numerological destiny numbers, we can also see how they’ll operate as a ‘power couple’ in the future.

Stormzy is a pioneering, leadership-driven 1. Always looking ahead to the next thing, the big project on the horizon, the platform to build on, the next level goal. He will keep bringing new opportunity and horizons into their world. Expect more and more and more from him. He’s not done!

Maya is a wise, reflective, philosophical 9. She makes sense of the world for others, she puts things in perspective, tells stories, creates narrative around change and chaos to make it make sense. All these new, bold things Stormzy does, she gets to ground them and weave them into their broader life story, and therefore they compliment each other wonderfully well.

She is the wise old soul he will always yearn to come home to, no matter how far his adventures take him. And he is the one who will help her fulfil her own potential and find the confidence to pursue her own passions.

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