Simba Hybrid Luxe review: I look forward to getting into bed thanks to the Hybrid Luxe — and you can get 40% off | The Sun

Simba Hybrid Luxe review: I look forward to getting into bed thanks to the Hybrid Luxe — and you can get 40% off | The Sun

THE Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress is the bed-in-a-box company's most premium offering, and we've put it to the test.

Over the years, Simba's mattresses have won a swathe of awards and consistently receive rave reviews, so we were intrigued to see whether theLuxe could live up to the hype (and our high expectations).


  • Daily feeling of absolute bliss getting into bed
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Cool
  • Eased back pain
  • Can't feel partner moving in the night
  • 200-night trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 0% finance option


  • Heavy
  • Large pricetag
  • Sinks down on partner's side due to weight imbalance
  • Requires extra deep sheets


  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Support: 4/5
  • Cooling technology: 5/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Value: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Simba Hybrid Luxe review: quick summary

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is an ultra-comfortable, high-quality, premium mattress with a price tag that reflects that.

I tested it out over three months and have completely fallen in love with it. It's helped ease back pain plaguing my sleep (and daily life) for over a year, I'm no longer woken up by my partner rolling over and it's the coolest mattress I've ever slept on.

The only drawbacks I could find are the price (I recommend snapping one up in the sale or opting for the Pro if this is a concern), and that my partner's side sinks down due to him being significantly heavier.

  • Save 40% on the Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress – here

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress: full review

Unboxing and first impressions

Simba delivered my mattress in a speedy fashion, and it arrived boxed up, well-packaged and ready to go.

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I'd heard whisperings that prior to 2020 Simba used to deliver your mattress to a specified bedroom, and while this practice was halted for obvious reasons, I was hoping that the company might've reinstated this practice now that life is 'back to normal'.

But alas, I was left with a very heavy box in my hallway and a fair few stairs to navigate to get my new king-sized mattress to its final destination.

The manoeuvring took three people, a bit of swearing, and plenty of huffing and puffing to get it up the stairs. A word of warning; this is not a one-man job. I highly recommend having at least one person (or a forklift) on hand to help you relocate your bed-in-a-box on arrival.

Once it was in its preferred location, I carefully removed it from its somewhat fiddly packaging and watched as the mattress took a sigh of relief and gradually began to expand to its full size.

Once it had expanded (around six hours later), I immediately realised that my regular-sized sheets weren't going to cover my new extra-deep mattress. As I didn't have any of those to hand, the first couple of nights were a little uncomfortable as the sheet corners kept pinging off.

Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing some deep fitted sheets before your mattress arrives, so that you can enjoy your new mattress in all its glory from the get-go.

The mattress had a faint plasticky smell when I first got it out of the packaging, but it didn't last long, especially when compared to other mattresses that the Sun Selects team has tested, such as the Tempur Sensation.

  • Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress, from £947.40 with 40% off – buy here


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Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress review: performance

As I indicated above, the first couple of nights weren't great due to the ill-fitting sheets. However, after we'd fixed that issue and spent a few days adjusting to a new sleep setup, the mattress really began to come into its own.

One of the major differences that I first noticed about the mattress was that I could no longer feel my husband moving in the night. The whole bed used to shake as he rolled over, but the Luxe has put an end to that. This has hugely improved my sleep quality, as my sleep is less disturbed.

The second major difference is that I no longer wake up with back pain. I still experience it in day-to-day life, but not first thing in the morning which is a massive improvement.

It seems as though I'm not the only one who feels the Simba Luxe has helped ease their pain either, at the time of writing, there are over 2100 reviews that state the same thing.

Another feature that I love is the cooling technology. The mattress is by far the coolest I've ever had; this has been fantastic in the warmer spring months and I can't wait to feel the difference during the height of summer.

The only negative thing I have to say about the mattress' performance is that it dips down on my partner's side. He's significantly heavier than I am (around double my weight), and the weight imbalance means I'm susceptible to rolling onto his side.

I'm not convinced that any hybrid mattress would be able to combat this issue effectively though, and the positive is that the mattress springs back to its original position once he's up and out of bed.

Since swapping my mattress for the Simba Hybrid Luxe, I genuinely look forward to getting into bed every night. Climbing in is absolute bliss, a feeling I've never experienced with any of my former mattresses.

  • Shop the Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress – here

Features and Design

Simba's newest mattress is made up of 10 layers, three more than the Pro. These layers include:

  • A hypoallergenic and washable mattress cover
  • A layer of temperature-regulating bamboo-infused wool
  • A layer of graphite-infused cooling Simbatex foam
  • Three layers of springs – 2 x titanium, 1 x steel
  • Two supportive foam layers with edge support
  • A multi-zoned base for support and comfort

The mattress is 31cm deep and has 8 handles making it easy to rotate (never flip). And like all the other Simba mattresses, there's a 200-night trial, 10-year guarantee and a 0% finance option.

I also want to highlight Simba's sustainability initiatives here, as I was pretty impressed by them. Here are some of the things it's doing to lower its environmental impact:

  • Carbon neutral delivery
  • Suppliers and factories are based in the UK and have a zero-waste policy
  • Mattresses are made of 100% recyclable materials
  • CertiPUR foam is used, which is free from toxic pollutants
  • Returned mattresses are refurbished or recycled
  • Investing in reforestation and biodiversity projects
  • Striving for Net Zero by 2030

You can read more about this here.

How much does the Simba Luxe mattress cost?

Simba holds regular deals and sales and you can usually expect to find between 25% and 40% off the cost of one of its mattresses.

If you can, I'd highly recommend holding off purchasing your mattress until there's a deal on as it will save you a hefty sum.

Otherwise, the (full) prices of the Simba Luxe are as follows:

  • Single – £1589
  • Small double – £2309
  • Double – £2309
  • King – £2409
  • EU Queen – £2509
  • Super King – £2759
  • Shop the Simba Luxe mattress – here

These prices make the Simba Luxe the second most expensive mattress Sun Shopping has tested behind the Tempur Sensation Luxe, which costs £2799 for a double.

In comparison to other premium mattresses, it works out as £210 more expensive than Brook and Wilde's Ultima mattress which is priced at £2099 for a double, but cheaper than the Perla which starts at £3499.

Emma's most expensive hybrid mattress costs £1099 for a double, and Rem-Fit's costs £1149.

However, if you manage to nab a Luxe during one of Simba's regular 40% off sales, you could get a double for a more acceptable £1385.40.

You can get 40% off mattresses as part of the brand's current offer.

Simba Hybrid Pro vs Luxe: what's the difference between the two mattresses?

The first and most obvious difference is the price. The Simba Hybrid Luxe works out at £420-£920 more expensive than the Hybrid Pro for the equivalent sized mattress, a fairly significant sum.

For that money, you'll get a few things; an extra layer of aerofoil springs, an anti-bacterial bamboo-infused wool layer rather than a regular 100% wool layer, and an extra layer of edge-to-edge foam support.

The luxe is around 3cm thicker than the Pro, making it 31cm deep, and it has 4 extra handles.

While these differences might seem subtle, they have gone down well with customers who have tried both mattresses. The Luxe has been described as "much cooler than the Hybrid Pro", "more supportive without feeling any firmer", and it "has a softer and more luxurious feel to the top layers".

Many have also said that the Pro is more suited to back sleepers, whereas the Luxe is more suited to side sleepers. This is something to bear in mind if you favour one of those sleeping positions.

The review experts within the Sun Selects team have tested both the Luxe and the Pro, and whilst the general consensus is that the Luxe is superior in terms of comfort and cooling, we also highly recommend the Pro. So if money is a deciding factor, we'd suggest opting for the Pro instead and saving yourself a few bob.

Read our Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review here.

Where to buy the Simba Hybrid Luxe

Here's the full list of places to buy Simba mattresses online and in-store:


You can find the Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress in a few places online. We've noticed that the official Simba website tends to have the best deals, but you can also find the mattress discounted on Amazon and eBay.

  • Simba
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Argos and John Lewis also sell Simba mattresses but don't currently have the Luxe in stock.


Not many places sell the Simba mattress in-store. However, a few John Lewis stores and local associated shops have them in stock. This handy store finder will tell you where stocks them near you:

  • Local store finder

Otherwise, the alternative to test out a Simba mattress in person is to order one and utilise the 200-night trial.

Simba Luxe Review: the verdict

So, the million-pound question: is the Simba Hybrid Luxe worth your hard-earned cash? I would have to say yes.

I absolutely LOVE my Simba Luxe mattress, and I would both purchase it in the future and recommend it to family members and friends.

It's improved my sleep quality, eased my back pain, kept me cool at night and I look forward to getting into bed every single evening.

My only real issue with it is that it dips down on my partner's side, and for this reason, I would rate it 4.5/5.

If the cost of the mattress is a sticking point for you, I would consider going for the Simba Pro instead. It's also highly recommended by the team, includes many of the same features and you could save yourself up to £920.

It's also worth utilising Simba's 200-night trial to make sure you love your new mattress as much as I do mine.

  • Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress, from £947.40 including 40% off – buy here

How we tested the mattress

We slept on the Hybrid Luxe every night for three months, experiencing cooler winter and warmer spring temperatures. We considered several things during this time; comfort, support, cooling technology, design and value.

We also spent most nights sleeping next to our partner, which helped us test out whether we could feel them moving in the night — spoiler alert, we could not.

How much are Simba Luxe bundles?

One of the great things about Simba is you can choose to go for a Hybrid Sleep Bundle for any of its mattresses, including the Luxe. This includes your mattress, Hybrid duvet and two Hybrid pillows (one pillow with the single size mattress).

For the Luxe this comes out at a total of £1,650.45, including 42% off currently.

Where to buy Simba Hybrid Luxe refurbished mattresses?

Mattresses returned to Simba are refurbished and sold through the Simba Outlet.

Every mattress returned to Simba is checked for function and quality, then if required, components are replaced before the mattress is professionally cleaned. There are real bargains to be had here, though stock can be limited. When we looked you could pick up a refurbished Hybrid Luxe, single size for £631.60, which is £315.80 cheaper than the current 40% off price.

You can also buy refurbished Simba mattresses on ebay.


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What are some alternatives to the Simba Hybrid Luxe?

Many of the mattress in a box companies offer a luxury version of their products that compares with the Simba Hybrid Luxe, though of course materials and components do differ.

Comparable mattresses include the Brooke & Wilde Perla, the Emma Luxe Cooling Mattress, the REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid, the Tempur Sensation Luxe, the Nectar Premier Hybrid, the Otty Pure+ and the Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid Plus.

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