Lonely kitten with an injured leg who longed for a playmate finds best friend

Lonely kitten with an injured leg who longed for a playmate finds best friend

When Scout arrived at Florida’s AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, the only one-week-old quarter pound kitten had sustained an injury to one of his front legs that caused it to swell up.

The non-profit rescue put out a plea for someone to shelter him and help save his leg. The group got a response from one of their regular fosters, Nadija, who was on a mission to save Scout.

She recalls him being in good spirits despite everything, waddling on all fours and refusing to let anything slow him down. She took him to the vet, where the animal doctors confirmed he likely had an infected bite. He was put on antibiotics and started his healing journey.

As he got better, he proved he had a voracious appetite and began putting on weight. Within a few weeks, he entered the one-pound club, quadrupling his weight upon arrival.

“He loves to roll around and purrs after his meals,” Nadija shared with Love Meow, a website that shares cat stories.

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True to his name, he loved scouting around his new home and climbing his mountains of blankets. After mini excursions, he would nestle into his snuggle toy and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of its faux heartbeat.

Although he was hitting milestones, the sole kitten in the nursery still longed to play with fellow felines. Luckily, a motherless kitten named Savannah was brought to the shelter shortly after. Nadija knew she’d make the perfect companion for Scout.

However, Savannah needed some TLC before she would be ready to have fun with Scout. Firstly, the four-week-old was in desperate need of soak to get rid of her pesky fleas. After a little splish splash in the bath, Savannah ate like a champ and took a long snooze.

Then, finally, the two rescued kittens were ready for their meet-and-greet. In no time, the two were sniffing and running around their playpen like a pair of best friends.

“Scout and Savannah have become fast friends, and it warms my heart to know they have each other,” Nadija said.

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With a companion around, Scout’s been more encouraged to exercise his legs and his peculiar personality is emerging.

“[Scout] loves to explore and be out and about,” Nadija said. “It’s really sweet to watch him discover new things, make friends and explore the world around him.”

Meanwhile, Savannah is already acting like a queen in her royal palace.

“Savannah may weigh less than a pound and fit in the palm of my hand, but she’s a spunky little girl that loves to climb.”

Nadija adds, “[Savannah] runs around like she owns the place.”

Despite their difficult beginnings, Scout and Savannah with the help of their foster momma are helping each other become the fun, carefree and loving kittens they were always meant to be.

Follow Nadija, Scout and Savannah on Instagram at @tiny.paws.fosters and the rescue shelter @animalluvrsdreamrescue

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