I'm getting rid of the tattoo I got when I was 17

I'm getting rid of the tattoo I got when I was 17

I’m getting rid of the tattoo I got when I was 17 – it was a tribute to my parents’ marriage but then they got divorced

  • Abby Baffoe, 27, from the US, has revealed she’s getting laser tattoo removal
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A tattoo enthusiast who had several inkings when she was a teenager has explained she’s having them all removed.

Abby Baffoe, a model from the US, revealed on TikTok she had decided to undergo laser removal for three of her four tattoos after deciding she no longer wanted them – but one in particular is bothering her the most.

In a video, she explained that she’d had a tattoo on her ribs at the age of 17 in tribute to her parents’ marriage – but they have since divorced.

The influencer, who is now 27 also explained that when she first had the inking she had not fully grown, meaning that as her body has changed, the tattoo has spread.

Abby Baffoe, a 27-year-old from the US, revealed to her TikTok followers that she is having her tattoos removed after 10 years

‘I quite literally got them before my frontal lobe developed,’ she said.

Explaining her decision to followers, Abby explained she likes tattoos overall, but added her inkings ‘don’t resonate’ with her anymore.

She said: ‘My priorities are a little bit different, my style is way different.

‘I’m always finding myself trying to cover them up or angling myself differently in photos so that they’re not showing.’

Referring to the tattoo on her side, she said: ‘I’ve grown a lot since [I had it done]. You can’t even read it anymore.’

Abby revealed the tattoo she dislikes the most is one she had to commemmorate her parents’ marriage – but they have since divorced

In a later video, she showed her followers the tattoo in question on her side, which she’d had done illegally when she was 17.

She said: ‘It’s melted together. You can’t even read it anymore.

‘It says, ‘to the moon and the stars’ in Italian. My mom and dad used to say this to each other and then they got divorced.

‘So… how the f*** do I still have it on my body?’

Abby went on to show her followers the other tattoos she wants to remove which include a yin/yang sign on the back of her neck and a tribute to a friend who passed away on her forearm.

She revealed she also has a pisces sign on her butt which she intends to keep because she thinks it’s ‘cute’.

In a warning to her followers she said: ‘Reminder to double think before your tattoos.’

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