I REFUSE to turn my heating on & am happy to live without it – five top tips to keep you warm for cheap | The Sun

I REFUSE to turn my heating on & am happy to live without it – five top tips to keep you warm for cheap | The Sun

A WOMAN who has refused to turn her heating on said she is happy to live without it.

Posting under the username Natasha Jackson on TikTok, the mum revealed why she was making the decision.

Natasha said: "I feel like we've constantly got our pants down with prices for everything.

"I know prices are increasing but me and my husband's wages have not increased."

She went on to say that her salary has only increased by a measly 10p an hour amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Natasha added: "I just don't want to put it on, the costs for everything are too high.

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"My car insurance has increased by about £250 to £300."

She also said that they were a family-of-six and even though they are as frugal as possible, times are still tough.

Natasha added: "We don't even go out for meals sometimes.

"Go back about five years ago it wasn't like this. We had a bit of spare cash, could treat the kids, go on holiday."

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Natasha said that although she was a "cold person" the terrible situation meant she just had to wrap up.

As always TikTokers were quick to take to the comments section to share their opinions.

"Unreal how heating has become a luxury," said one.

Another wrote: "Electric blankets have been a life saver and so cheap to run!"

A third said: "It’s ridiculous, our bill was £400 a month a few years ago and now it’s £850 a month.

"We’re with EDF but quite a large house to heat so turning off."

And a brave soul said: "I’m going to try and push it till December!"

It comes as another woman shared her five top tips to keep warm this winter, without needing to turn the heating on.

The first tip was to wear some thermals which keep you warm underneath your normal clothes.

She also recommended heat pads to stay cosy in the cold weather.

She said: "“This thing is amazing because it’s really small so if I’m sitting at the desk I pop it behind my back, if I’m sitting on the couch and I’m cold, it can either go on my front or my back and it’s the perfect bit of added warmth. It’s the best.”

Drinking hot water or a hot drink instead of cold drinks will also help keep you toasty, says Kim.

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And she also swears by sleeping in fluffy socks which keep you particularly warm while sleeping.

Finally, she explained that to stay warm, you need to layer your clothing, conncluding: “Ultimately it just comes down to all the layers that you can possibly imagine.

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