I didnt invite my sister-in-law to my wedding after she tried to kill me

I didnt invite my sister-in-law to my wedding after she tried to kill me

A woman is facing her sister-in-law’s wrath after she refused to invite her to her wedding – after months of her speaking behind her back and nearly killing her.

Reddit user Relevant_Valuable592 turned to the Internet for advice after her relationship with her brother Tom and his wife Kate became strained because of the sister-in-law’s behaviour.

The original poster said Kate is her brother’s second wife and at first, the pair seemingly got along fine but the situation has since deteriorated.

She said: “I really liked Kate as we are the same age and could relate to many things until I realised she despises me and bad-mouths me to our friends.

“After confronting Kate about why she dislikes me she said that it’s because I keep in touch with Tom’s ex-wife Luana.”

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The situation grew so tense that the Reddit user has now only been able to see her nieces and nephews when they are with their mother as Kate tries to prevent her from seeing them and her brother Tom.

But a few months back the family skirmish escalated considerably after the sister-in-law served her a drink that sent her to hospital and could potentially have killed her while they were on holiday together with the rest of the family.

She wrote: “We have a tradition of family vacation each May, Tom was invited to come with Kate and they did.

“Kate knows I’m allergic to pineapple, but she still mixed the cocktails with pineapple juice. She said it’s orange juice so I took a sip and immediately felt how it burned down my throat.

“I ended up in hospital getting a drip and holidays being cut short because of that. Kate claims she didn’t know I was allergic to anything and that she genuinely thought it was orange juice but I beg to differ.”

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The Reddit user’s mother and brother tried to reassure her the drink accident was a “genuine mistake” but then Kate attempted to turn the tables on her, claiming she had never fully accepted her into the family and favouring ex-in-law Luana to her.

The pair did not speak for weeks after the “hysterical” sister-in-law showed up at her home – but then Kate realised she had not been invited to Relevant_Valuable592’s upcoming wedding.

The original poster continued: “I’m getting married in December and my fiancé hates Kate for what she did to me, so we decided it’s the best thing to not invite her at all.

“My mum called me and told me to grow up after she found out Kate isn’t invited. Tom begged me to invite her too as he doesn’t want to come if Kate isn’t going. He said I’m straining his new marriage and I do feel really bad about it.

“Kate came over to me after getting the invitation and realising she wasn’t there and called me and my fiancé a ‘couple of a**holes’.

“She said how I should understand her better and love her more and cried but I couldn’t bring myself to feel one bit sorry.”

But with her mother, brother and sister-in-law bombarding her with calls, the Reddit user started to “overthink” and wondered if she had overreacted.

Internet users insisted she was entitled not to invite Kate to her wedding, especially if she does not feel safe around her. One user said: “You are fully entitled to celebrate your wedding day WITHOUT ANYONE who has tried to physically harm you in the past.

“Kate sent you to the hospital. She shouldn’t be at your wedding because she’s not a safe person for you to be around.”

Another wrote: “Someone who hates you enough to try to physically harm you doesn’t belong at your wedding. She is a manipulative liar and you don’t need to deal with it.”

And one user warned: “Seems like there is a high likelihood she will cause some sort of drama at your wedding, it is not worth the risk to invite her even for the sake of family peace.”

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