Wolves Whiskey by Jon Buscemi and James Bond Announces Lot 2 Release

Wolves Whiskey by Jon Buscemi and James Bond Announces Lot 2 Release

Jon Buscemi and James Bond, the celebrated founders of American footwear brands and fashion labels Buscemi and Undefeated, respectively, have announced that Lot 2, an American Single Malt from their Wolves Whiskey label, will soon be released.

First launched in 2019, with the release of Batch 1 in the summer and Batch 2 in the winter, under the expertiese of 13th generation master distiller Marko Karakasevic in Nothern California, the label offered whiskey distilled from stout beer, aged in French oak barrels for eight years, a five-year-old pilsner whiskey aged in Char 3 new American oak barrels, and a rye whiskey.

As for Lot 2, the American Single Malt has also been crafted under the expertise of Karakasevic, who Wolves shared “lived an almost hermetic existence deep in the Yokayo Valley of Mendocino County, California, sequestering himself 10 days at a time, alongside his imported Alembic pot still in the fanatical pursuit of perfection.”

First barraled in 2012, the 11-year-old American Single Malt whiskey is rated at 110-proof, by utilizing imported Irish malts and a California Ale. Wolves describes the finished product as an exceptionally balanced whiskey that is poised between influences of both the old and new world and expresses that it is meant to be savored slowly. Flavor notes include honey, caramel apple, dried fig, toasted oat and oak.

Beyond the whiskey itself, Wolves has taken special care to provide a unique bottle, using bespoke Italian sheepskin labels, something that is quickly becoming a signature for the brand. Each label is dyed a rich matte black and then individually die-cut into label form before undergoing the process of being printed with UV light, hand-numbered, embossed and laid individually on custom-made French-cut glass.

“From the whiskey to the labels to the glass we use for our bottles, no one in their right mind would make the decision of their own free will to build a whiskey brand the way we’re doing it,” said Buscemi. “But this is the way James and I have always done things. There’s absolutely no way the steps between distillation to blending to lips should make financial sense – and it doesn’t.”

Wolves Whiskey’s Lot Two American Single Malt is set to release on its official site starting August 31, with a limited allocation to also be distributed to select brick-and-morater and e-commerce retailers, to be sold for a suggested retail price of $305 USD.

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