Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ Prequel, ‘Berlin’

Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ Prequel, ‘Berlin’

A new trailer is out for Netflix’s Money Heist spinoff, Berlin. Based on the namesake character from the heist drama, the show looks back on Berlin’s glory days as an ambitious, plotting thief.

Set long before he discovers his terminal diagnosis and joins in on the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, Berlin, who is once again portrayed by Pedro Alonso, is simply chasing his love for a lofty payday. The mastermind has assembled a team to steal $44 million USD of jewels from Paris’ most prestigious auction house.

He’s joined in the effort by cybersecurity expert Keila (Michelle Jenner), academic Damián (Tristán Ulloa), the wild Cameron (Begoña Vargas), locksmith Roi (Julio Peña) and gadget guru Bruce (Joel Sánchez).

Berlin is helmed by the original Money Heist creator Álex Pina, alongside his collaborator Esther Martínez Lobato. The series was filmed in Madrid and Paris.

Watch the official trailer for Berlin above. The series premieres on Netflix on December 29.
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