Humanrace Releases Hyaluronic Acid-Based Cleanser and Moisturizer Set

Humanrace Releases Hyaluronic Acid-Based Cleanser and Moisturizer Set

Humanrace, the product company from Pharrell Williams, has been drawing in skincare aficionados and newcomers alike with its straightforward, no-nonsense regimens, developed alongside his dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones. The brand launched in 2020 with the “Routine Pack,” a cleanser, exfoliator and cream designed to take just three minutes to apply.

Pharrell has kept up his goal to keep his skincare setup at the three-minute mark with the new trio of products from Humanrace. The “7D Gel Facial Set” is aimed at offering an alternative option to Humanrace consumers to allow them to customize their routine without complicating things.

The set consists of just two products this time around: the 7D Retrograde Gel Cleanser and the 7D Mystifying Gel Moisturizer, which serve to replace the first and third steps introduced in the “Routine Pack.”

Both were formulated with the brand’s 7D Hyaluronic Acid, named for the seven molecular components involved, the lightweight cleanser provides a gentle but thorough lather to expunge impurities without making the skin excessively dry, as many cleansers on the market do.

The moisturizer steps in with an additional dose of hydration, leaving the skin feeling moist and plump.

“We’re very excited about our new gel products – the moment I tried them I knew we had something special here,” Pharrell said. “The texture, the feeling, and the sensation leaves my skin looking its best in any setting.”

Humanrace’s 7D Gel Facial Set will be launching on September 26. The individual cleanser goes for $44 USD, while the moisturizer is $58 USD. The set of two, meanwhile, is priced at $85 USD. Refills and subscriptions of the set also also available at a reduced cost.

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