HRVY has proof the 'Strictly Come Dancing curse' is very real

HRVY has proof the 'Strictly Come Dancing curse' is very real

As Strictly Come Dancing’s launch date nears, all eyes are on the new contestants and the infamous couples’ curse threatening to cause trouble for any already loved up budding dancers – a curse HRVY claims is oh, so real.

The 24-year-old pop sensation waltzed his way to the BBC One show’s final in 2020 and spilled what it was really like backstage, training with the professionals for hours on end.

Making his highly anticipated return to the charts, the musician was riding high amid his new single Stolen Heart’s release when he opened up and shared Strictly’s secrets.

HRVY – real name Harvey Leigh Cantwell – exclusively explained to why the formidable curse, that sees celebrities leave their real-life partners for a dancing pro, was very much a thing.

‘I know it’s real. I’m not going to say any more than that, but as someone who’s done the show – I’m not saying that I’ve experienced it firsthand myself – but I may have seen…’ he coyly trailed off before adding: ‘It’s definitely a real thing’.

He continued: ‘People talk about it and it’s like a bantering thing and I thought the same thing until I did it and then was like, ‘Wow, yeah’.’

The star struggled to put his finger on exactly why the showed had such a reputation for ripping apart contestants’ love lives and surmised: ‘It could be the intimacy of dancing. It could be the fact that you’re with a group of people for weeks and weeks and weeks.

‘You could almost say it’s like Love Island but you’re not on an island, you’re in a dance studio but it’s definitely real.’

In terms of advice for the next batch of competitors, all HRVY had to say was ‘don’t listen to the public and what they say and all the nasty comments’.

The Kent native announced he would be chasing number ones once more and kicked off his run at the download streams with a pop bop to rival the best of them.

He excitedly outlined the idea behind the sound of his new song and revealed: ‘I started super pop, a lot of my biggest streamed songs are pop music and at the minute, I feel like a lot of artists are releasing really sad stuff.

‘Every song is like, ‘I hate life, I’m so sad’, which is great because we all love to listen to that stuff – and I do as well – but it almost solidified the reason why I’ve released the new song because it doesn’t really take itself too seriously, it’s not that deep.

‘It’s nice to sometimes release stuff like that and I feel like some of the previous stuff I’ve released did that and people really enjoyed that.’

To compliment his pop tune, the singer filmed a music video that also starred his girlfriend, former Emmerdale actress Mimi Slinger, 20.

HRVY opened up about casting his real-life partner as his on-screen ex-lover in the clip and admitted: ‘Well, obviously I needed a lead girl and she’s an actress, so she really enjoys it and it was easy.

‘It’s always a bit more difficult when you have to meet someone on the day that you’ve never met and you have to create this chemistry and you have to act. It was just nice to not have to do that.

‘It was fun to be behind the camera and telling her to do stuff and directing her a little bit. It was just an easy day and I actually enjoyed it, which is good.’

The Good Vibes hitmaker teased fans with the promise of new music and reassured everyone this new release meant he was back and better than ever.

‘Now it’s like foot on the pedal, just go, go, go, go. Music, music, music. Music video. Little TV show, little this, music –  that kind of stuff.

‘Just going for it, so we’ll see. Hopefully, people like it but it was a good break. Now we’re back on it.’

HRVY’s new single Stolen Heart is out now.

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