B&O’s BeoVision Harmony TV Is Now Available in 97-Inch

B&O’s BeoVision Harmony TV Is Now Available in 97-Inch

Bang & Olufsen has expanded its BeoVision Harmony offerings with a 97-inch model — the largest screen size the brand has ever released.

Featuring an OLED display that boasts 3840 x 2160 pixels and 4K resolution, the 97-inch TV screen is not only spectacular in size, but also the show it puts on. When not in use, the TV rests behind a luxurious-looking wood and aluminum cabinet, sleekly designed to incorporate into living spaces. When it’s “showtime,” the 2.15-meter-wide TV emerges from behind in a swift yet elegant unfolding action — all at a touch of a button.

To heighten the immersive viewing experience, B&O also recommends pairing the BeoVision Harmony with a set of Beolab 28 speakers for sharper stereo, and an even more powerful bass output.

Priced at $63,000 USD, the 97-inch option is currently only offered with Light Oak covers. For more information, visit B&O’s official website.

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