Worried Cheryl vows to ‘be there’ for sick Liam Payne

Worried Cheryl vows to ‘be there’ for sick Liam Payne

Liam Payne sent fans around the world into a panic last week when he was rushed to hospital during an anniversary trip with his girlfriend.

The One Direction star suffered agonising pain during his visit to Lake Como, Italy, with Kate Cassidy, 24, and was admitted to hospital – where he was expected to remain for several days – to undergo urgent tests.

As his loyal following wished him a speedy recovery, his ex Cheryl Tweedy, who is mum to his six-year-old son Bear, has been left “upset” upon learning of his latest health issues.

A source told OK!, “Cheryl is a strong person, she’s very kind and she just wants Liam to be happy and healthy. She’s always tried to support him because he’s Bear’s father and she’s always tried to be there for him."

The continued, “It’s very hard for Cheryl – she feels upset about it. She is worried and concerned for Liam because he’s Bear’s dad and she wants him to be the best dad he can be. But she has her mum around her, who’s a great support for them, and recently she’s been getting on with her own life as a single mum. She’s been building her life and focusing on work and Bear.”

Liam’s mum Karen has also been “worried sick” about her son’s condition. “It’s so horrible – him being all the way over there,” she told a newspaper. “It’s such a horrible situation and we just hope he’s in the best place possible.”

The A&E dash came just weeks after 30-year-old Liam cancelled his South American tour, telling fans he had a “serious kidney infection” and was under strict orders to rest and recover.

The Strip That Down hitmaker posted a video to his Instagram page, with the caption, “I ended up in hospital with a bad kidney infection.

“I’ve got the best people around me at home trying to help me recover… but we’re going to have to reschedule the tour.”

Adding to everyone’s concern, he also said the pain was “something I wouldn’t wish on anyone”.

Last week a source told a newspaper that Liam was “gutted” that his Italy trip with American influencer Kate had been ruined, but doctors couldn’t let him leave without finding the cause of his pain.

“They want to do every test possible to understand the issue fully but they now suspect that there has been an underlying issue for a while that has been getting worse,” they said.

In July, Liam revealed he was nearly six months sober after spending 100 days in a strict rehab facility in the US.

Speaking candidly on his YouTube channel, he told fans, “I just needed to take a little bit of time out for myself actually, because I kind of became somebody who I didn’t really recognise any more.

“And I’m sure you guys didn’t either. I was in bad shape up until that point and I was really happy to kind of put a stopper to life and work.”

He went on to thank his Girls Aloud ex Cheryl, 40, for supporting him while he took time out and “didn’t connect with the outside world at all” for the whole 100-day stay.

“There is no point trying to be a dad when you have nothing to teach,” he admitted.

Cheryl and Liam began dating in 2016 but split up in summer 2018, a year after the birth of Bear. Addressing the “tough decision” to go their separate ways, Cheryl said at the time the couple still had “so much love for each other as a family”.

According to our source, Cheryl’s main priority has always been and will always be the son she shares with Liam.

“She’s a very strong woman and she doesn’t want Bear to be affected by any of this,” they claimed. “He is her number one priority and she’s a wonderful mother.”

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