TOWIE in chaos as two stars ‘end friendship’ after massive bust-up

TOWIE in chaos as two stars ‘end friendship’ after massive bust-up

Two of The Only Way is Essex’s cast members have reportedly cut each other off completely after fighting while filming.

Chloe Brockett and Roman Hackett, who have been part of the show’s cast for the past few years, fell out after Chloe discovered that Roman wasn’t interested in her romantically.

She was informed by his on-again, off-again girlfriend Dani Imbert that the 20 year old had decided to focus on a relationship with her instead.

In her rage, the 22 year old threw three drinking glasses at Roman and was suspended from filming, after which they unfollowed one another on social media.

A source has now told The Sun that Chloe “can’t see a way back” for their friendship.

"There's too much water under the bridge for there friendship to be rekindled.

"Chloe believes 'what's done is done' and can't see a way back.

"It's sad because they were good friends before they started dating, but there's been too much said and done for them to go back to how it was.”

They also revealed that the situation has made filming the programme “really awkward.”

Talking about the incident, an eyewitness told The Sun that "no one saw it coming."

"Chloe and Roman’s row escalated so quickly no one saw it coming. They were arguing then Chloe threw a drink on Roman.

"He swilled one back and then suddenly she threw three glass tumblers at Roman who was right in front of her. There was glass everywhere, it was so shocking.”

They continued: "Roman looked absolutely stunned at what had happened. It looked like Chloe had snapped and had just grabbed the closest thing to hand to throw."

Crisis talks were held with the production team and it was stated she would not be returning to film the rest of the series.

In April, Dani, 25, revealed that she had begun seeing someone else and confirmed that she had split from Roman.

She said: “I am seeing someone else now to be completely honest.

“We knew each other before the whole me and Roman situation, we were kind of seeing each other."

She said that an off-camera incident caused the end for her and Roman.

"I called it off with him because I started seeing Roman," she explained. "Then this whole stuff happened off camera since we’ve been filming that stopped me and Roman from speaking again and then I started seeing the boy that I started seeing before."

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