Antiques Roadshow star announces death of husband after 21 years of marriage

Antiques Roadshow star announces death of husband after 21 years of marriage

Antique’s Roadshow expert Bunny Campione’s husband Iain Grahame has died at the age of 91.

The pair enjoyed 21 years of marriage after tying the knot in 2002, however, they had met years earlier after they bumped cars after driving around a country lane corner.

Iain was educated at Eton College before earning the title of Major in the King’s Royal Rifle Corp.

Bunny was Iain’s third wife as he had been married twice before.

His first wife was Susan d’Esterre, they married on 12 November 1960.

His second was Diana Mansfield, whom he wed on 29 August 1972.

Bunny has been on our screens for over 35 years after she joined the presenters' lineup of Antique’s Roadshow in 1987.

Last year, the 77 year old came across a unique doll that she said was the “most interesting and unusual” doll that she’d seen.

She said: “I must admit that this is the most interesting and unusual doll that I’ve seen in my 36 years of the roadshow.

The doll was owned by two sisters and had ties to those in high society.

“I believe it’s a funeral effigy of a three-year-old son that died of the Duke of Buckingham,” Bunny explained.

“He was the first Marquess of Normanby and he died in 1715.

“So, in those days, the monarchy and aristocracy would make wooden and wax effigies to put on the funeral cask going to the funeral.”

She said that once the doll was authenticated, it could be worth anywhere between £10k and £20k.

It is unclear whether or not Bunny will take a break from presenting as she mourns the loss of her husband.

Iain’s death marks another passing tied to his wife’s programme, as one of its experts, Judith Miller, died at the age of 71 earlier this year in April.

Paying tribute to her, the show’s auctioneer, Will Farmer, took to social media and said: “From my starstruck first meeting all those years ago to the endless giggles and travels that followed you showed yourself to be the unique, glorious, warm and wonderful person I was fortunate to call my friend!

“I will miss our chats, I will miss our giggles, I will miss the stories, I will miss your knowledge, I will miss your advice, I will miss your smile, I will miss your voice, I will miss your love and warmth……I will miss you!”

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