You cant rewrite history Williams plea to erase Diana interview in The Crown slammed

You cant rewrite history Williams plea to erase Diana interview in The Crown slammed

The Crown: Jobson discusses Princess Diana interview

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Royal expert Robert Jobson joined Mark Dolan on his GB News show on Wednesday and shared his thoughts on Netflix’s decision to dedicate an episode of The Crown to Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir. Robert blasted Prince William after it was reported the Duke of Cambridge was “frustrated” with the streaming giant following his comments in May that the interview should “never be aired again”.

Robert, who co-wrote the 2002 book Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, appeared on the news programme to air his thoughts on the late princess’ now notorious interview with Bashir featuring on the next series of The Crown.

Earlier this week it was announced that Netflix will dedicate an entire episode of its fifth series to the controversial interview, which has reportedly left Prince William “deeply irritated”.

Princess Diana’s eldest son has been openly critical of the 1995 interview, which infamously saw his mother saying “there were three of us in this marriage”.

Talking about the Netflix announcement, Robert said: “Well, I don’t like the word paranoia that Prince William’s used about his mother.

“I think that was a word that was bandied about at the time and I think she felt very aggrieved by that.

“I think that both William and [Prince] Harry were much younger so their memories are going to be a bit different. They are going to be rose-tinted.

“My view on this is that whether or not we’re talking about The Crown here, which is tabloid telly, it’s enjoyed by millions [of viewers] and it’s not professing to be history.”

The Crown is one of the most popular programmes on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

The Netflix original series is a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, from the 1940s to modern times.

Robert continued: “But let’s be honest, that Panorama interview can’t be rewritten out of history just because the royals don’t like it. It happened, it was massive, and it was watched by millions.

“It really doesn’t matter too much if we are discussing whether it happened or not whether it should have happened.

“The reality is that it did happen, the princess said what she said and I for one believe her.”

He told GB News viewers the late princess “really meant what she said” in the interview.

“She did mean what she said when she spoke on there – I think she spoke very honestly and very openly,” he added.

“How the interview was obtained was pretty despicable, but you can’t write it out of history as it was a massive moment in the royal story.

“I remember it vividly – I was a journalist on the Daily Express at the time – and it was a bombshell.”

The journalist explained: “We are not in North Korea, we’re in Great Britain and it has been aired, it has been seen by millions, and you can’t just rewrite history.”

Prince William, 39, said in May the interview should “never be aired again”, and a royal source has now told The Telegraph the Duke’s words “still stand”.

The royal has insisted broadcasting the interview over and over holds “no legitimacy” after an explosive report found Bashir used specific tactics to gain Diana’s trust.

An official inquiry this year concluded Bashir commissioned fake bank statements and used ‘deceitful behaviour’ to secure his bombshell interview. 

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