Will The Deceived return for season two?

Will The Deceived return for season two?

THE Deceived is Channel 5's latest drama, starring the much adored Paul Mescal.

The show, which is from the same creator as Derry Girls, has received tons of praise.

Will there be a second season of The Deceived?

The four-part series has its finale TONIGHT (August 6) at 9pm on Channel 5.

As of yet, the channel haven't confirmed if there will be a second series.

The creepy thriller has captivated fans – with Paul Mescal's appearance certainly helping – meaning there's a possibility for a second series.

Whether or not tonight's episode leaves the characters' fates still open will be a big indicator of the potential for another installment of the show.

This could be a series that sees its story line fully wrapped up.

What happened in season one?

Contains spoilers!

The series follows Ophelia, a Cambridge student who falls in love and begins an affair with her lecturer, Dr. Michael.

Emily Reid plays Ophelia while Emmett J. Scanlan stars as Michael.

Michael disappears, prompting a besotted Ophelia to go looking for him.

Eventually she finds him in his haunted home in Ireland – except a tragedy has occurred and now his wife, a successful author named Roisin, is dead after being caught in a fire.

Ophelia befriends a builder named Sean – the person who finds Roisin's body – as she starts to question her sanity and senses something isn't right with Michael.

Emily Reid spoke about her role, saying: "When we first meet Ophelia she is a student at Cambridge.

"She soon falls madly in love and that love takes her to a very scary place psychologically and soon the world she inhabits starts to become very dangerous.

"Everything is a bit uncanny, you can never quite pinpoint what is wrong but there is constantly something that is not quite right. Eventually you find out what that is."

The series explores abusive relationships, power imbalances and manipulation.

Paul Mescal, who plays Sean, doesn't have as big a role as you might expect.

One of the show's producers, Charlie Hampton said: "We wanted to make a show that nods to classic thrillers but also make something really modern that speaks to a contemporary audience.

"The Deceived is a psychological relationship thriller that will have the audience questioning everything and will hopefully leave them wanting more."

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