Will be easier A Place in the Suns Ben Hillman details post-Brexit change to emigrating

Will be easier A Place in the Suns Ben Hillman details post-Brexit change to emigrating

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Ben Hillman has been helping Channel 4 viewers find their dream holiday and forever homes since 2016 on A Place in the Sun. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the property expert discussed the impact of Brexit on the European housing market and shared his predictions for the future. 

Ben revealed he’s noticed an increase in applicants to the Channel 4 show in recent months. 

He said: “What a crazy few years we’ve had, with the uncertainty of Brexit, the uncertainty of the pandemic and now obviously, [the war between Russia and Ukraine].

“No one knows the future and I think it’s highlighted you’ve just got to live for the moment and enjoy life as best we can.”

Ben went on to address the impact Brexit has had on Brits purchasing property abroad. 

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He explained: “A holiday home is a holiday home that will never change. 

“Within reason, you can buy anywhere around the world and have a holiday home.

“When it comes to living abroad permanently there’s definitely more hurdles in the way now in terms of making that happen and I won’t go into the details of that because I don’t know them entirely. 

“When it comes to healthcare and pensions and whatnot and reciprocal agreements between the countries that all needs to be thrashed out still.”

“And I do think in time, Spain will sort of push for several agreements that make it easier for Brits to live over there,” he predicted. 

“What they will end up being I don’t know, obviously, that’s a crystal ball moment. 

“But, I think I think over time things will become easier on that front.”

Ben explained those interested in purchasing property in Europe need to be prepared.

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“But it is doable,” the Channel 4 presenter reassured. 

“You’ve got to be ready, it’s gonna be a long process and a lot of paperwork.”

The A Place in the Sun host pointed out there is still a viable way to make a permanent move to Spain.

“If you’re willing to move lock, stock and barrel out there [you can make it work],” he remarked.

“If you buy a property over €500,000, then there is the golden visa Spain offer.

“So it is still possible to live out there full time so there are there are little workarounds.”

Ben went on to point out there have been “record numbers” of prospective buyers applying for the show since the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Since stuff has been opening up and even throughout, the stages of the pandemic, there was a real desire and we had record numbers of people applying to the show to come on,” he said.

“I just think it was that now or never attitude that suddenly people had after being locked down for so long.”

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 on weekdays at 4pm.

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