Why we still talking about it! GMB fans switch off over George Eustice Partygate probe

Why we still talking about it! GMB fans switch off over George Eustice Partygate probe

Susanna Reid grills George Eustice on cost of living measures

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Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary George Eustice was invited onto GMB to discuss the Partygate report by Sue Gray that is expected to be released imminently. Eustice argued there were more “important things the Government is trying to grapple with” and many viewers agreed with him.

Toni Spencer argued: “He’s right there are more important things going on, fed up of hearing about this every morning, more time spent talking about partygate than was spent talking to that poor lady who lost her son in a shooting!! Time for me to switch off.”

Lee Hardy agreed: “@GMB the continuing reporting of #Partygate just makes you want to switch off your show. There are more important things going on in the world. Give it a rest #gmb.”

Graeme Dawson questioned: “#gmb why are we STILL talking about #Partygate after all this time when MUCH BIGGER events are happening? Can we not move on?”

Terry Metcalf fumed: “I am so fed up listening to GMB regarding the party gate , move on there is so much happening around us people who have no money to pay the increase for gas and electricity and food help these people.” (sic)

However, Bob Oberti tweeted: “Personally speaking this government has not got a clue as to the level of anger the country feels about partygate. Granted, there are more pressing issues however we are fed up with being taken for fools by these covid rule breakers.”

More to follow…

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