Who killed Matty Taylor in ITV's Innocent? All the suspects ahead of the finale

Who killed Matty Taylor in ITV's Innocent? All the suspects ahead of the finale

INNOCENT fans have been wracking their brain over who killed Matty Taylor, and so far the only certain thing is everyone is a suspect.

As the show prepares to reach its climax, we've rounded-up everyone it could possibly be.

And annoyingly, there are a lot of people in the frame as seemingly everyone could have had a reason to off the poor teen.

Here's all the suspects ahead of the big reveal…

Sally (Katherine Kelly)

Bear with us on this one, but could the police have got it right first time round?

Sally was imprisoned for five years for the murder of Matty, as it was believed that she abused her position as a teacher to start an affair with him.

A retrial finally freed her, and a lot has been uncovered in the new investigation, and she's been helpful in the enquiry as it uncovered a hole in testimony and a photo that seemingly proves her alibi.

But none of it has absolutely, without a doubt, exonerated her.

Trying to rebuild her life and reputation, is Sally actually guilty of the crime she was convicted for, leading everyone on a goose chase as a result?

John Taylor (Andrew Tiernan)

This is one angry, angry man – though in slight fairness to him, anyone would be pretty upset after discovering the child you raised wasn't actually yours.

It doesn't forgive his weird behaviour and violent outbursts though, especially as his alibi has also collapsed and we know he had a row with Matty in the park before he died.

He was also seen brandishing a broken beer bottle at Gary.

Could he be covering his tracks after killing Matty in a rage on the discovery he wasn't actually his son?

Gary Walker (Jason Done)

This one was a late entry to us seeing as until Wednesday night's episode we didn't know he was Matty's real father.

After a brief fling landed Maria pregnant, Gary continued to deny it until it was impossible to lie any longer.

Could he be lying about other things as well?

He did want his secret son to interfere with his family man life, so could he have killed him to keep quiet?

Anna Stamp (Ellie Rawsley)

Anna has proven to be a major liability when it comes to this case – for starters, she lied about seeing Matty and Sally kissing.

She's literally the biggest reason Sally was put away.

But it turns out that Anna had her own obsession with Matty, and maybe if he pushed back her advances, she could have snapped.

No one keeps a shrine for someone for completely no reason… right?

Bethany (Amy-Leigh Hickman)

Bethany is definitely covered in red flags – which is ironic considering her social worker mother is meant to be good at noticing these things.

She's a relentless bully and a liar, with her own headmaster saying that she is well-known to them as a source of trouble.

After attempting to overdose just two days before Matty wound up dead, it seems likely that she's connected to the case somehow.

She's also a pure ball of angry energy, which if pushed the wrong way could have seen her snap.

Karen (Priyanga Burford)

Karen has been tied to this case in so many different ways it's a surprise she's not in knots by now.

First off – she's Matty's social worker, with personal ties to him as he went to the same school as her daughter Bethany.

Secondly, Bethany is claiming that she was bullied by Matty.

Finally, she has quite the affection for Sam, Sally's now ex-husband whom she's known for years.

Get rid of your daughter's bully and pinning his death on your love rival? Sounds like two birds, one stone to us.

Maria Taylor (Lucy Black)

This one is a big of a long shot to us seeing as, by all means, she appeared to love Matty.

OK, she lied about who his father was, and for reasons we still don't know Matty was being monitored by a social worker – but if we needed to hedge our bets we'd say that was more to do with the violent dad than her.

However, she's a known liar and has been heard telling John to 'keep his mouth shut'. It could have been about her affair with Gary, but then again…

It's always the person you least suspect, and at the moment we least suspect her.

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