Where is Savannah Guthrie today? | The Sun

Where is Savannah Guthrie today? | The Sun

NEWS anchor Savannah Guthrie is recognized nationwide for her hosting gigs on television.

Viewers are familiar with Savannah due to her spot alongside Jenna Bush Hager and Al Roker on The Today Show, which is why they couldn't help but notice her absence from the program.

Where is Savannah Guthrie today?

On August 23, 2022, Savannah Guthrie continued her series of absences on that day's broadcast of The Today Show.

She was missing from the episodes on Monday, August 22, and Friday, August 19.

Fans attributed her absence to two reasons, an extended weekend vacation with her children, as well as her rumored feud with Hoda Kotb.

Over that past weekend, Savannah posted photos of her and her two children's waterpark getaway.

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Viewers believe her to be on an extended vacation, coinciding with her reported off-camera dispute with co-host Hoda.

Reports surfaced earlier in the summer that speculated Savannah might be leaving the show after her supposed conflict with Hoda.

Throughout the last few months, the screen time between the two was noticeably shortened due to both anchors taking turns to take time off, effectively decreasing their time on-air together.

On June 29, 2022, a production insider from TODAY told The Sun that the two "secretly can't stand each other.

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Previously on Tuesday, July 19, Savannah was missing from her usual seat on TODAY.

In a morning earnings report, NBC correspondent, Stephanie Gosk, filled in for the mom-of-two.

While viewers were wondering where the host might have been, Savannah took to Instagram two days before to share a rare family photo posing in a swimsuit.

Why was Savannah missing?

On Friday, May 6, Savannah took to her Instagram page to deliver some news to her fans.

She posted her positive Covid-19 test along with a picture of herself in a mask and captioned: "So this happened – again!"

"Covid +, air filter on 'turbo' and it will be an isolating Mother’s Day for this mama!!!

"I feel fine, just slight cold so far. Thankful to be vaccinated!"

As a result of Savannah coming down with Covid-19, she did not appear on the May 9 or May 10 episodes of TODAY.

On Tuesday, May 10, she phoned the show to share an update with Hoda.

While discussing her bout with Covid-19, the anchor said: "I feel great, honestly. I'm going to be back tomorrow.

"I just had a little cold, so I was really lucky with it. Having five days to myself, can you imagine?"

She added about her isolation: "I slept 13 hours the first night, 12 the next, then 11. Then, I set my DVR for The Today Show.

"I really miss you guys, you're sweet to check-in. Hopefully, Craig will get better soon too and we'll be back in action."

Savannah's other co-anchor, Craig Melvin, also came down with Covid-19 at the same time she did.

In August 2021, she – along with Hoda and Craig – left their positions empty towards the end of the month.

At the time, the three were enjoying a vacation away from their hosting responsibilities.

Instead, the broadcast was hosted by Sheinelle Jones and Tom Llamas in their absence.

"People are probably saying 'what's in my coffee right now? Everything looks different," Llamas said of the swap.

Savannah shared pictures on Instagram of her family to let fans know of her break.

In the caption alongside one photo, she wrote, "Rainy days and Mondays always get me … super happy when I have a vacation day!!"

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