Where Holby City's original stars are now as show is axed by BBC after 23 years

Where Holby City's original stars are now as show is axed by BBC after 23 years

DESPITE fans' wishes, Holby City will be airing one final time tomorrow (March 29).

Over the years, the hospital has dealt with its share of comings and goings. Get the lowdown on where the show's original stars are now.

When Holby City first aired on screens in 1999, the show began with a cast core of eleven characters.

As mentioned above, this was subjected to many changes as future series include as many as twenty.

Many names of the programme's initial line-up were established actors, having appeared in many other shows in the likes of EastEnders and Coronation Street.

Since leaving the show, most former Holby City have been keeping busy, going on to have successful careers – and even tried their hand at reality TV.

But where can we find them now?

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Ian Curtis (Ray Sykes)

Manchester actor Ian took on the role of staff nurse Ray from the first ever episode of Holby City until episode 16 of the show's second season.

Since then, the on-screen match-maker and gossip has focused on other projects.

Ian has appeared as Corporal Mark Hobbs in Soldier Soldier but never really step too far away from medical drama as he has also been seen in Doctors.

Other credits include Dalziel and Pascoe and A Touch of Frost.

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Ian has also worked as a director, co-writing and directing Channel 4's Comedy LabFM in 2006.

A year later, he directed the Comedy Lab episode titled Blowout, which won best comedy at the Scottish Baftas.

He also wrote a 13 episode 30-minute sketch show for CBBC named Sorry, I've Got No Head.

Lisa Faulkner (Victoria Merrick)

Brookside actress Lisa was cast as Victoria Merrick from Holby City's second episode.

As a surgeon, Victoria was recognised for her huge potential but struggled to cope under pressure during operations.

She then worked as a doctor on the paediatric wing and met a devastating end after being stabbed to death by an angry father who blamed her for his daughter's death – a demise Lisa requested herself for her characted.

Lisa left the programme after two years and 45 episodes and has since remained near the spotlight.

She starred in Spooks, in which her on-screen death was even more horrifying.

In 2010, she won Celebrity MasterChef and began a relationship with judge John Torode and the couple have been married since 2019.

Lisa has also appeared as Fi Browning in EastEnders in 2017, after hosting her own ITV cooking show with her other half.

The show is title John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen.

In 2019, Lisa was seen in Celebrity Gogglebox alongside her former Holby City co-star Nicola Stephenson.

Michael French (Nick Jordan)

Speaking of crossovers between Holby City and Walford, actor Michael French is another example that both programmes were often linked.

After spending three years in the Square, in which he was known as David Wicks, Michael French became a cardiothoracic surgical registrar in one of the box's most famous hospitals.

He quit his role after two years, in 2000, but reprised it briefly in 2006 until he was transferred to Holby City's sister show Casualty in 2008, in which he stayed until 2013.

Michael reappeared again in Holby in 2010 and turned back to EastEnders when his on-screen mother Pat Butcher died in 2012.

While his roles have been limited since 2006, his most recent credits include a role in The Sound of Music musical in 2014 and an appearance in one episode of Bargain Hunt (2018).

Angela Griffin (Jasmine Hopkins)

While her career truly began in the Dales, Coronation Street fans know Angela for her role in the ITV programme.

But the Fiona Middleton actress also took on the role of Jasmine Hoping in 1999.

The popular character was promoted to the rank of ward sister during her time in Holby City.

After escaping death and abusive support technician fiancé Carl, Jasmine left the hospital after a third series in 2001.

She went on to appear in BBC dramas in the likes of Cutting It and Down to Earth and Waterloo Road – where she played teacher Kim Campbell.

Angela has never really stepped away from TV drama and has been seen in Hustle, Mount Pleasant, Midsomer Murders and White Lines.

In January, 2022, it was announced she'd reprise the role of Kim Campbell in Waterloo Road (who has been promoted to Head Teacher, years after the original show).

George Irving (Anton Meyer)

One of the longest-standing members of the Holby City line-up, George left the show in 2002.

The sarcastic and arrogant surgeon – who was also very popular with fans – became a burden for George.

The actor left the soap as he struggled to leave his character behind at work and it had an impact on his personal life.

This led to him starring in the Bafta-winning film Antonio's breakfast.

George was also seen in The Sweeney, The Bill, Inspector Morse, Doctors and has also experimented with an EastEnders crossover.

He has also mainly been seen in theatre and heard on BBC Radio 4's Afternoon Drama in 2010.

George appears to prefer remaining away from the limelight unless he has no other choice but to face it as he cannot be found on social media, therefore leaving some doubt around his current projects.

Phyllis Logan (Muriel McKendrick)

Scottish actress Phyllis Logan went through a drastic jump in time after her time in Holby City.

She only appeared as Muriel during the course of nine episodes.

Much like Anton, she liked asserting her own authority through her strict and no-nonsense behaviour, which often caused friction in the wards.

Following her stint on Holby City, Phyllis turned back to the past and gave her scrubs up for Mrs Elsie Hughes-Carson's head housekeeper gown in period drama Downton Abbey.

She was still able to express her mind like the character that first made her famous to TV fans.

Phyllis appeared in every series of the show as well as in the film – she will even be reprising her role in the second movie, scheduled for release in April, 2022.

She also appeared in Doctor Who, Girlfriends, A Touch of Frost and The Adventures of Paddington.

Luke Mably (Paul Ripley)

Paul's time in the hospital was short-lived as he was only seen in the first three episodes of Holby City.

Diehard fans of the show may remember him kissing an unconscious girl in the high dependency unit.

This led to Paul being fired for misconduct and he was ordered to leave immediately.

While he was never seen in Holby again, actor Luke Mably has appeared several times on screens ever since.

He took on a role in EastEnders and, eventually, ended up on the other side of the Atlantic, closer to Hollywood.

The 46-year-old actor was seen slipping into the skin of Clifton in post-apocalyptic horror film 28 Days Later in 2002.

He has starred in numerous independent films since but Canadian and American audiences may know home for his TV roles in NCIS: New Orleans, SEAL Team and Combat Hospital.

Dawn McDaniel (Kirstie Collins)

Kirstie was part of the Holby City hospital staff until the show's third series.

The flirty cardiology registrar accumulated used her charm with many of her co-workers, including nurse Danny Shaughnessy and even had a lesbian relationship with fellow registrar Tash Bandara.

After urging her dying father to seek help for his alcohol abuse, Kirstie left when she undertook a dangerous rescue.

Since then, Dawn has rarely been seen on screens, although she has appeared in Soldier Soldier, Murphy's Law, The Innocents and Doctors.

Sarah Preston (Karen Newburn)

The ex-wife of registrar Nick Jordan, Karen appeared from series one until episode 16 of the second season.

The former pair tried to give their relationship another try but when their reconciliation fails, Nick leaves Holby City.

Karen's exit, on the other hand, has been unexplained.

In the likes of some of her former co-stars, Sarah moved in to Albert Square after her stint in Holby as she was given the role of Amanda Parry in EastEnders.

She was then seen with Stephen Tompkinson in the crime series In Deep and in Extras with Ricky Gervais.

Her other credits include Vera, Where The Heart Is and Doctors.

Julie Saunders (Ellie Sharpe)

Theatre sister Ellie Sharpe only appeared until episode nine of the long-running soap.

She was mostly known for her affair with Nick Jordan, which led to some intense and violent drama between him and her boyfriend.

Fierce Creatures (1997) actress Julie Saunders seems to have stepped away from TV life to focus on theatre.

She appeared in the 2000 thriller Circus and set up Theatre Studio West in 2006, a young theatre group for ages 5 to 19.

Nicola Stephenson (Julie Bradford)

This original character stayed in Holby until series three.

A single mother with mounting debts, Julie resorted to lap dancing at night to take care of her daughter.

Her alter ego Crystal was exposed by a patient who recognised her.

While she was reprimanded, Julie was also given temporary promotion to help with her financial circumstances.

Julie eventually leaves Holby for Brighton when her former husband Martin begs her for a second chance.

Nicola is another actress whose career began in Brookside, after landing a role in Coronation Street in 1988 and The Bill in 1997.

Following her stint in Holby City, she played the part of Sarah Williams in The Chase, and Allie Westbrook in Waterloo Road.

She also portrayed Tess Harris in Emmerdale from 2015 to 2016 but her character was suddenly killed off in a hit-and-run.

Since then, she has taken on guest roles in Midsomer Murders, Silent Witness and even The Dumping Ground as of 2022.

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