What is Laura Ingraham’s net worth?

What is Laura Ingraham’s net worth?

CONSERVATIVE television host Laura Ingraham is the host of the Fox News segment The Laura Ingraham Angle.

Since 2017, millions tune into Fox News on weekdays at 10pm to catch Ingraham in action.

What is Laura Ingraham’s net worth?

Since the debut of her show in October 2017, Ingraham, 57, has had her share of controversies regarding her news coverage.

Folks have ridiculed the Fox News anchor on her anti-immigration, homosexuality and Stoneman Douglas shooting comments.

Despite her conservative viewpoints, this has made Ingraham one of Fox News' most-watched anchors as millions tuning in daily to watch her show.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ingraham has amassed a $40million net worth from her work in broadcast journalism.

What is Ingraham's Fox News salary?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Ingraham earns an annual salary of $15million from her work at Fox News.

The 57-year-old has one of this highest salaries among Fox News hosts.

Fox anchor Tucker Carlson reportedly earns only $8million per year – a full seven million less than Ingraham.

Is Laura Ingraham married?

Ingraham is not married, however, she has been linked to several high-profile political figures in the past.

The 57-year-old was reportedly formerly engaged to political commentator Dinesh D'Souza after the pair met at Dartmouth University.

It's unclear why the two split or when the two split.

There were rumors that Ingraham formerly dated politician Robert Torricelli in 1999, but neither commented on the alleged relationship.

It was also reported that Ingraham had a relationship with broadcaster Keith Olbermann in 1998.

However, no details were given in terms of how they met or how long they dated.

Ingraham got engaged to James V. Reyes in April 2005, but the two did not make it down the aisle.

Despite her lackluster luck in love, Ingraham is a single parent of three children.

She adopted a girl from Guatemala in 2008, a boy from Russia in 2009 and another boy from Russia in 2011.

Their names are Maria Caroline, Michael Dmitri and Nikolai Peter.

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