Was the whole point! Phillip Schofield blasts Alison and Josies electric car road trip

Was the whole point! Phillip Schofield blasts Alison and Josies electric car road trip

This Morning: Phillip mocks Alison and Josie's car journey

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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were left bemused on Tuesday’s This Morning when Alison Hammond and Josie Gibson set off on a road trip together. The pair were travelling around the UK in an electric car and mapping out the different places you can charge vehicles. However, Phillip scolded the pair when he realised they had forgotten the point of the trip.

This Morning viewers watched a clip of Alison and Josie struggling to charge their electric car.

Explaining their ordeal, Alison told Holly and Phillip: “You’ll be pleased to know we did get the charge in the end.

“Holly, Phil you’re not going to believe this – we were using Josie’s credit card she only had £2.50 on the credit card so I had to pay.”

“It was all a ploy, it was just an opportunity for you to get your money out Alison,” Josie quipped.”

After the pair shared details about what they had been up to, Phillip asked: “I have one question.

“Are you able now to charge the car which is the whole point of this?

“Have you managed to find out the plotting of where you’re going to charge your electric car?”

“No,” Alison sheepishly replied. “We’re just flying by the seat of our pants, it’s fine.”

“We found a charger, it’s charged up and we’ve got 235 miles,” she continued. 

“I think that might make it just before Glasgow so we need to do one more charge.

“But yeah do you know? I’ve found it quite easy having this electric car.”

Josie added: “There’s lots of chargers everywhere.”

“They’re everywhere,” Alison agreed. “And if people have money on their credit cards we’d be able to pay for it.”

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