Top Gear’s Chris Harris speaks on terrifying Wall of Death stunt ‘Paddy nearly died’

Top Gear’s Chris Harris speaks on terrifying Wall of Death stunt ‘Paddy nearly died’

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Top Gear will be back with a bang when it debuts on BBC One for the first time. Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff take on a giant Wall of Death in old insurance write-offs inside an empty Alexandra Palace. However, Chris revealed Paddy’s life appeared to hang in the balance as he completed the challenge. 

BBC viewers will watch the presenting trio drive vertically at 50mph on a massive circular wall in the iconic palace. 

In an exclusive interview with, Chris joked Paddy’s near-death experience left him unfazed.

Chris explained: “The buggy was interesting because it had nice, long travel suspension and the ride was pretty plush up there. 

“But our cars, the suspension just compressed immediately because the cars are so heavy.”

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“It was a very different experience in our cars, it was much more violent and much sketchy I have to say,” he continued. 

“But the buggy was still unpleasant but the actual cars were much more unpleasant.”

The Top Gear presenters admitted they helplessly watched on as parts of their co-stars’ vehicles fell victim to the Wall of Death.

“You’ve got no idea at all [when you’re driving]. All you’re thinking of when you’re up there is how quickly can I get this done and how can I get down again,” Chris said. 

Freddie added: “I saw a lot of smoke with mine and I couldn’t understand why the wheels weren’t turning.”

“When Paddy’s car came off the Wall [of Death]. He was so ecstatic that he’d done it,” Chris continued. 

“He had no idea that his left rear suspension had completely collapsed and the wheel looked totally broken. 

“He was there going, ‘Yeah, this is brilliant and you’ve just nearly died.’”

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Explaining himself, Paddy shared: “I think it’s that sense of elation like, ‘Thank God I’m done. The next person is up now and I can relax.’”

“The whole upper link of your resuspension had failed,” Chris quipped. 

“Fred’s car had effectively turned into a plane,” Paddy joked. 

Chris and Freddie explained dangerous stunts like the Wall of Death bring the presenters together. 

Freddie shared: “There is an element of egging each other on but with things like the Wall of Death we helped each other cause it was dangerous and we all wanted each other to experience it.”

Chris added: “The rhythm of the show is that the producers pit us against each other until it gets a bit too lairy.

“And then they produce a film where we’re all in it together. Therefore, we have to support each other.

“But no, the snark is there when it needs to be there but when we need to support each other we do.”

Top Gear returns to BBC One tonight at 8pm

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