There Is One Name That Josh and Anna Sure Won't Be Using for Their Sixth Child

There Is One Name That Josh and Anna Sure Won't Be Using for Their Sixth Child

Josh and Anna Duggar married in 2008, and since then it has been a bumpy ride. Between two scandals, the loss of two high paying jobs, and a retreat back to Arkansas from Washington DC, the couple has been welcoming children. Poised to bring a sixth little Duggar into the world, the couple is undoubtedly thinking names. While they’ve gone with an M theme up until this point, there is one M name that the couple absolutely won’t be using.

What are the names of Josh and Anna’s children?

Josh and Anna’s first daughter was born in October 2009, roughly a year after the couple wed. They named her Mackynzie Renee. The name, apparently, was one they had heard and liked. Macknyzie was joined by Michael James in June 2011.

Less than two years later, Anna gave birth to the couple’s second son, Marcus Anthony. Meredith Grace, named after Meredith Vieira, arrived in 2015. The television personality had joked with the couple that she’d love if they named a child after her shortly after the birth of their first daughter, according to Lohud.

Their fifth child and third son, Mason Garrett was born in 2017. Mason’s middle name was the name of Michelle Duggar’s father. It also happens to be the name of Joseph Duggar’s oldest son.

What name are Josh and Anna sure to avoid for the sixthchild?

While the family seems pretty committed to having another child whose name starts with the letter M, there is one name that the family is likely to avoid – Madison. Josh Duggar rocked the family with one scandal after another in 2015. First, the father of six’s past sexual abuse allegations were made public; then he found himself wrapped up in the Ashley Madison data release.

Once Josh was outed as a user of the affair website, he admitted to cheating on his wife. He also announced that he had an addiction to pornography. Josh then spent several months at a private, Christian-based rehab facility in Illinois, while Anna took her growing family back to Arkansas.

Reddit fans note that Madison, funnily enough, fits with the couple’s naming style, but it seems to be off the table. After all, it’s part of the name of a website that began a lot of the family’s troubles. The connection is likely a little too intense for Anna to consider the name, even if she liked it in theory. The couple announced that baby number six is a girl.

Why do they use an M theme?

When Josh and Anna first got married, they discussed the possibility of using a theme for the names of their children. They decided to go with the letter “M” with their first child, Mackynzie, and have followed the theme with each subsequent child.

The couple once explained that they had chosen M to honor Josh’s mother, Michelle. After all, all of the Duggar kids have a name that starts with J to honor their father, Jim Bob, so it seemed like Michelle’s turn. None of the other Duggar kids seem to be following a theme. At least, no theme has emerged just yet. Joseph and his wife, Kendra, and Joy-Anna and her husband Austin are currently expecting their second children, so another letter theme technically could happen. 

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