The X-Files: Why did Gillian Anderson leave The X-Files as Dana Scully?

The X-Files: Why did Gillian Anderson leave The X-Files as Dana Scully?

Golden Globes: Gillian Anderson wins Best Supporting Actress

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The X-Files is a notorious sci-fi drama from back in the 90s and it originally aired on Fox. The series followed FBI agents Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who investigate paranormal cases. Fans are keen to know why actress Anderson left the series, which is now on Disney+ and Prime Video.

Why did Gillian Anderson leave The X-Files as Dana Scully?

The science fiction series had a successful nine-season run and a total of 202 episodes aired.

Due to its popularity, a shorter 10th season aired and the revival was followed by a final 11th season.

Anderson’s character, Dana Scully, was a medical doctor who worked on unsolved paranormal cases.

Scully left the FBI to work as a surgeon in a Catholic hospital, but rejoined seven years later.

She was more of a realist than her colleagues and chose to put everything down to science.

At the time she said she would be open about returning to play the character in the future.

Since leaving the series, she’s gone on to star as Stella Gibson in the hit series, The Fall, and Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s The Crown.

The 78th annual Golden Globe Awards have just taken place and Anderson won an accolade for her role in The Crown.

When asked whether she would join a potential X-Files reboot, she said: “Oh gosh, no. No.”

Anderson appeared in nearly every episode of The X-Files, only missing out on five instalments.

She left the series due to it coming to an end after the 11th season, which aired in January 2018.

She had not expected to make a comeback after season 10 as she had no idea the revival would be so successful.

In December 2017, the star confirmed her exit from the series, but at the time fans had no idea it would be the last.

Back in 2018, she took part in an interview with a Television Critics Association panel, announcing how she was done with the series for the foreseeable future.

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She said: “This is it for me, I’m really serious. I have so much respect for these guys, but I’m finished and that’s the end of that.”

The star said she liked the challenge of taking on many characters and she did not want to be tied down.

She was keen to progress in her career and did not want to focus on one project for a long period of time.

Fans have just started rewatching the much-loved series and they continue to be impressed with Anderson’s performance.

One said on Twitter: “Just started to watch X-Files for the 1st time. I’m finding the ambiguity of the first few episodes a little jarring tbh.

“But blimey, Gillian Anderson is a revelation in that role. So unselfconscious & natural. Have continued with it mostly because she’s such a joy to watch!” (Sic).

Another fan said: “Never seen The Crown, but Gillian Anderson’s work on The X-Files is some of the most compelling acting I’ve ever seen. Give her every single award ever created.”

Anderson thought she would leave the series following the reunion in 2016, but said she felt it was not the right way to end things for Scully.

The actress said she felt naive when she first joined the series, but by the end, she had a completely new perspective.

She appreciated playing such an iconic character and fans continue to cherish her to this day.

The X-Files is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Disney+

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