The Rehearsal: Nathan Fielders HBO Max Series Gets Release Date

The Rehearsal: Nathan Fielders HBO Max Series Gets Release Date

It’s been five years since Nathan Fielder brought his comic stylings to television with the irreverent “Nathan for You.” But audiences won’t have to wait too much longer for writer, director, and actor’s television return. Last Wednesday, Fielder dropped a brief teaser of his new show, “The Rehearsal,” on Twitter. At only 29 seconds it showed audiences a control room where people are watching a woman and a baby from a remote location.

“The Rehearsal” stars Fielder as a man who questions how much of his life is written for himself. He’ll utilize a group of artists and other professionals to help him manufacture a life so he can “rehearse” key moments. An equally unsettling poster for the show was released soon after the teaser, showing Fielder at a dinner table surrounded by bizarre dolls acting as his family.

This isn’t Fielder’s only project in the works. Back in 2020 it was announced that Fielder would be working with Emma Stone and the Safdie brothers on a series called “The Curse” for Showtime. Stone will play one half of a newly married couple opposite Fielder in a “genre-bending scripted comedy that explores how an alleged curse disturbs [their relationship] as they try to conceive a child while co-starring on their problematic new HGTV show.” That series looks to be currently in production.

“Nathan for You” was considered a gamechanger in documentary television. In a 2021 IndieWire Influencers piece writer Chris Boeckman laid out Fielder’s significance. “Fielder continues a long, vital tradition that positions the documentary director not as an observer but as an instigator. His work should be considered alongside that of William Greaves, who created his own chaos by playing the role of an incompetent director in ‘Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One’ (1968) or Marcel Łoziński, who planted an obstinate couple in the communist summer camp he documented in ‘How To Live’ (1981) or Joe Gibbons, who spent years committing countless petty crimes en route to producing his ‘Confessions of a Sociopath’ (2002).”

Fielder most recently served as executive producer of HBO’s “How To With John Wilson,” which just finished its second season over at HBO.

You can watch the teaser for “The Rehearsal,” set to premiere on July 15, below.

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