The Masked Singer reveals Hanson brothers as Russian Dolls in show's first-ever trio during quarter final elimination

The Masked Singer reveals Hanson brothers as Russian Dolls in show's first-ever trio during quarter final elimination

THE Masked Singer eliminated the Russian Dolls tonight and revealed the Hanson brothers to be under the costume as the show’s first ever trio. 

All season long, Zac, Isaac and Taylor Hanson have both shocked and confused the judges by performing in various quantities and sizes on stage. 

On Wednesday, the top five got narrowed down to just the final four in The Masked Singer quarter finals. 

The Russian Dolls rocked out to an energetic rendition of Elton John’s hit, I’m Still Standing. 

One of the performers even played the piano while wearing the limiting costume – with all three wearing pairs of sunglasses that resemble Elton’s signature look. 

The superstar panelists were impressed with the group’s vocal efforts however, it wasn’t enough to save the talented trio. 

As host Nick Cannon had the remaining competitors on stage, he made the crowd gasp when he announced the Russian Dolls would be sent home. 

During the final judges guesses of who the mystery singers could be, Nicole Scherzinger predicts the performers are the Hanson Brothers. 

She explained: “A clue said ‘what goes around comes around.’ And I thought ‘hm, that’s interesting. I know a band of amazing vocalists who had an album called Boomerang. 

"And nobody sounds better singing together than family. And that’s three brothers under there. I believe it’s Hanson.”

Her co-star, Jenny McCarthy, agreed and is also adamant the contestants was the famous family. 

Robin Thicke thought that the dolls is country group Sugarland, while Ken Jeong guessed they are the Jonas Brothers. 

It was then time to remove the top portion of the Russian Doll – which showed all three brothers standing tightly inside wearing matching red bodysuits and gloves. 

Standing next to Nick, the family explained why they decided to compete on the show. 

“The thing about us, we had this unique opportunity to do something very different and play to this whole new audience,” one brother said. 

Another added: “All these years later seen as a certain thing, people think they know who you are. 

“And the face we could focus on singing and say ‘hey, you don’t know what’s behind this’ has been gratifying.’”

The Pussycat Dolls front woman praised the band for their impressive performances this season while dealing with such a difficult costume. 

“The fact that you guys had the most restricting costumes but continued to move on week after week… it’s because your voices SLAYED,” she exclaimed. 

Following the unmasking, fans took to Twitter to slam the show for eliminating the band of brothers.

One person wrote: "We all knew it was Hanson but they deserved to go to the finals IMO."

Another The Masked Singer fan added: "TV tweet: ugghhh!! I wanted the Russian dolls to win!! I'm so mad!!! I knew it was Hanson though. Been saying it for weeks."

A third chimed in: "Russian Dolls should not have been unmasked!!! It should have been chameleon!!!"

An additional person tweeted: "I’d like to to know who’s actually voting for the masked singer because the Russian dolls/Hanson shouldve never been voted off."

The Tulsa, Oklahoma family founded the band in 1992 when they were still children.

Years later, they skyrocketed to global fame in 1997 for their massive hit, MMMBOP.

At the time of its release – which was on their debut album – Isaac was 16, Taylor was aged 13 while Zac was only 11.

After becoming teen heartthrobs, they went on to sell more than 16 million albums worldwide along with three Top 20 albums in the US.

The brothers still play music together – having last released an album, String Theory in 2018 followed by an accompanying tour a year later.

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