The Grand Tour's James May forced to tone down 'genuine friction' with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond for cameras

The Grand Tour's James May forced to tone down 'genuine friction' with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond for cameras

THE Grand Tour's James May has admitted he was forced to tone down 'genuine friction' with co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond for the sake of the show.

The trio have forged a great relationship travelling the world together, but the 57-year-old has revealed things weren't always pain sailing.

James told TVMag that any tension or hostility between the presenters was not allowed to be seen on the show.

He shared: "There's genuine friction, we have to tone it down for television otherwise it wouldn't be allowed.

"It was so hard to be honest to get up that road and we did, we did start to think that we, you know, we've been given something we actually wouldn't be able to achieve which is a worry when you're making a TV show because you have to you have to conclude the show in some way."

As a result, May thinks he got on with Jeremy and Richard better than they usually would on screen.

The former Top Gear co-presenter added: "I think it actually probably inspired an unusual level of camaraderie on this occasion, which you didn't get so much in the Seamen.

"For example where the other two were quite happy to bugger off and leave me [mumbles] and then I was quite happy to sail straight past Jeremy Clarkson when he was stuck on the beach because I didn't care."

Their Prime special called A Massive Hunt, which takes place on one of the world's most difficult roads to drive.

The Grand Tour gang were in Réunion – a French territory off the coasts of Madagascar and next to Mauritius.

The coronavirus has made it very difficult for the entertainment industry this year, and James commented on what another lockdown means for the next part of the show and filming in future.

May explained: "It does limit what we can do, but I don't think it stops us. It just means we have to think a bit harder and maybe be a little bit more creative.

"But maybe that will do us some good. It's not going to stop The Grand Tour. It may change the flavour of it slightly. But the essential element, which is us three getting on each other's tits, will still be there."

Grand Tour presents: A Massive Hunt is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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