The danger of gyms re-opening: Dr Hilary Jones warns why it's too soon

The danger of gyms re-opening: Dr Hilary Jones warns why it's too soon

Dr Hilary Jones has given a stark warning to gym bunnies who are looking forward to them reopening in the UK during covid recovery. 

With the facilities forced to close since March due to the pandemic spread, it’s being reported that there may be plans for them to open in the upcoming weeks. 

However, speaking on Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary warned that it’s too soon and that it could actually make a new spike come sooner. 

‘The thing is, if you’re in a gym, and we’ve all been to gyms, if you’re doing aerobic work then you’re breathing very fast,’ he explained. 

‘Anything that’s in your nose and throat is being expelled much more explosively than if you’re sitting quietly in a pub.’ 

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Host Ben Shepherd then spoke in favour of the gyms reopening and spoke about the new protocols, which caused Dr Hilary to admit he didn’t trust the new procedures in place in somewhere like the gym. 

Praising the work of cleaners who have been keeping things sterile over the past few months, Dr Hilary warned that all machines would have to be cleaned before and after every use. 

‘If you can open the windows and if you can get ventilation in there and you can separate the spin bikes. You don’t want 30 people on spin bikes where you can touch the person next to you. Breathing, spluttering. That’s not what you want,’ he insisted. 

On 3 July, the Prime Minister gave hope to those desperate to reopen the gyms, and said: ‘We are going to reopen gyms as soon as we can do it in a Covid secure way, and I think that the date for reopening gyms at the moment, if we can do it, is in just a couple of weeks time.’ 

However, no official announcements have yet been made. 

‘It is about common sense and about hygiene and really strict protocols,’ Dr Hilary said. 

‘For some people, they will say “I’m going to take a sensible decision” and they will go for a run down the street or in a park and that is going to be much safer than going to an indoor gym.’

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