The curse of Katie Price's 'mucky mansion' – from fire and break-in to bankruptcy, ghost fears & pets' tragic deaths

The curse of Katie Price's 'mucky mansion' – from fire and break-in to bankruptcy, ghost fears & pets' tragic deaths

SHE fled there for a fresh start following ex husband Kieran's affair with her best friend, but Katie Price's 'mucky mansion' has brought her nothing but misery ever since.

With rooms full of rubbish, a swimming pool likened to a 'swamp' and horse poo in the drive, the home's squalid conditions have been laid bare in the past – all while Katie's been battling her own personal hell.

The former model has been forced to face off fears of ghosts, a house fire and most recently a break-in during her years in the Sussex pad.

And all that came as she faced bankruptcy, heartbreaks and a stint in rehab – with her mansion almost embodying the troubles in her personal life.

Just this week The Sun revealed how it had been ransacked by intruders who completely flooded the upstairs by leaving the taps running.

Luckily the 42-year-old wasn't home during Sunday's break-in, as she is currently renting a place down the road while the £1.3million property is renovated.

A source told The Sun: "Katie is devastated. She is fearful that whoever has done this has a vendetta against her and even thinks it could be linked to her standing up against social media bullying trolls."

But it's just the latest in a never-ending stream of disasters that have plagued the star during her time in the home. Here we look at how it was seemingly cursed from the beginning…

'Fresh start' quickly turns sour

Katie first bought her Sussex mansion from former Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude for £1.3 million in 2014, after discovering her then-husband Kieran had been cheating on her with her best friend.

With nine bedrooms, a two-bedroom annexe, stables, a tennis court, a swimming pool and 12 acres of land, it initially appeared to be the dream property for her to move on from Kieran's infidelity.

A source told The Sun at the time: “She wants a fresh start and to forget about what happened."

But while Katie was determined to make a go of things with her hubby in their new home, the cheating followed them and Kieran went on to have an affair with their nanny – eventually leading to them divorcing.

Things started to look up again in 2018 when she began dating Kris Boyson, after being introduced by Love Island's Rykard Jenkins. However they eventually split in November, a day after Katie was declared bankrupt.

Scorched walls, piles of rubbish, horse poo & 'swamp' pool

Fans first got a good glimpse at Katie's mansion on Through The Key Hole in 2018 – and were left gobsmacked at the conditions inside.

Host Keith Lemon took cameras through each room, showing piles of clutter and rubbish including a heap in the hallway by the front door and a large mess in her bedroom.

Outside the house was even worse as Keith almost stepped in horse poo which was lying on the drive right outside the front door.

He then showed viewers the squalid swimming pool crusted over with scum and surrounded by weed, which he compared to a "swamp".

The tennis court also looked abandoned as green moss had grown all over the tarmac.

Katie later defended the state of it inside, insisting it had been due to be renovated shortly after filming.

She said at the time: "I didn't even clear up, I just said let them film it out here… You get used to it [the horse poo]. It's a farm – it's smelly."

'Ghost hunters' called amid fears it's haunted

Later that year Katie's problems with the house went from bad to worse when she became convinced it was haunted.

She eventually called in celebrity ghost buster Lee Roberts to help rid her home of the horrors.

Initially she claimed she caught a man on camera walking past her in April 2018, and was left "going nuts" by the experience.

Posting the video to Instagram, the reality star said: "Capturing ghosts in my hallway mirror and then you see a ghost walk through mirror! Give me your views."

She called the ghost hunter in November and invited him on to her show – My Crazy Life – to help her and then-boyfriend Kris perform a seance.

Katie finally confirmed she was 'ghost-free' in May this year after moving out of her mansion.

According to close pals, her medium Psychic Tracey confirmed that the temporary abode she's now in is the "first place she has lived ghost-free".

Scented candles spark house fire

It turns out 2018 wasn't Katie's year, as she also had to deal with a house fire at her mansion in September.

Sources revealed the cause of the fire was down to candles in her son Jett's room – with one insider even claiming she'd turned to them after struggling to pay her electricity bill.

Fortunately her stepdad Paul was in the house and managed to contain the fire before it spread throughout the house.

In October last year, photos showed scorched walls following the fire in her home, which was once again in a grim state.

A source said at the time: "Katie's got a big job on her hands – every surface is covered with clothes, litter, old vacuums, hangers – there are even empty sandwich packets and toys just lying around. Some rooms you can't even get into because they're so messy.

“Jett's room has still got the burn marks going up the wall from when it was set alight last year – nothing has changed or been repaired. It's a complete state."

Forced to buy 'back-up' motorhome amid bankruptcy fears

Perhaps the biggest blow for Katie in 2018, however, came when it was reported she was being forced to put the house on the market in order to sort out her finances, amid claims of a bankruptcy notice being filed against the property.

And The Sun revealed in the September that she'd bought a motorhome as a back-up, should things take a turn for the worse.

An exclusive photo showed the vehicle parked up on the drive at the time, and her dad was later thought to have moved into it while Katie spent a short time in rehab.

The stint in The Priory came after a video was released showing her rapping, “I love coke” in Majorca, spelling a particularly difficult time for the star.

Luckily she recovered and later explained she'd hit rock bottom during a difficult time, in which her mum was diagnosed with terminal idopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

The condition causes scarring to the lungs which reduces the sufferer's ability to breathe, and there's currently no cure.

“It wasn’t about drugs or drink or nothing like that. I had severe PTSD because I couldn’t cope with all the s**t that was going on,” Katie later said. “Last year was such a s**t year.”

She went on to reveal her much cleaner-looking mansion to Fabulous at the start of 2019.

Her money woes sadly weren't over, however, and she was officially declared bankrupt in November last year.

She had previously avoided going bust by agreeing a plan to pay back what she owed. However, it was claimed the terms of that plan had not been kept to.

Katie also briefly lived above a shop at the start of this year, after finally signing her mansion over to a trustee.

Pets' tragic deaths

Katie has not only had to deal with heartbreaks in her love life during her time living in her mansion – she's also lost three of her beloved pets too.

Her Alsation Sparkle sadly died in February this year after escaping from her home and running onto the busy A24 nearby, before being hit by a car.

Sparkle was the half-sister of Pricey's other dog Bear – both of whom had escaped from her West Sussex house a number of times.

And that came after The Sun revealed Katie’s dog Queenie was allegedly mowed down and killed by a delivery driver in 2018.

The former glamour model said she was devastated over the death and accused the driver of a hit-and-run. The driver denied hitting the dog.

Meanwhile in 2017, one of Katie's horses was tragically also killed after escaping a field at night and being hit by a car.

'I absolutely hate this house'

While Katie has spent years defending her mansion amid a flood of shocked comments online, she has finally admitted she "hates it" now.

The mum-of-five vowed to never again live in her Sussex mansion last month, as she gave fans a tour before she cleared out permanently.

“Here I am at my old house,” she said in the video. “I absolutely hate this house so I can’t be here long."

She did, though, hit out at it being called her 'mucky mansion', instead naming it "Priceywood".

That came after Katie's former caretaker laid bare how bad the conditions got at one point, in an interview with The Sun.

Charlie Farthing even claimed the star slept on a mattress on the floor, saying wind tore through the property from broken windows while the stench of old food and cat wee lingered in its halls.

While Katie has since moved out of the mansion for good as it's renovated, the latest blow this week saw it broken into and left with extensive water damage.

The Sun's exclusive pictures showed the damage done to her newly renovated kitchen, after the ceiling above caved in – with water and debris strewn across the floor after being left in ruin.

The break-in was an unexpected blow to Katie, who said last week she is head over heels in love after meeting new boyfriend and Love Island star Carl Woods.

Yet with no plans to move back into the mansion -and with the star looking happier than ever with her new man – could the 'curse' finally be over for Pricey?

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