The Chase turns saucy as Bradley Walsh red-faced over players sexual quip

The Chase turns saucy as Bradley Walsh red-faced over players sexual quip

It’s clear Bradley Walsh has a great time when presenting the long running ITV game show The Chase but on Tuesday’s edition (July 5), he was caught off guard.

The show's four contestants included 48-year-old pub manager Michael and a 56-year-old retired police officer from Derbyshire, both looking to outsmart the quiz expert of the show to win a shared cash prize.

But it was 34-year-old Donru who had the studio erupt into fits of laughter as she joked about her work in sexual health.

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Host Bradley Walsh enquired about her career and the strangest ailment she has come across – and the doctor revealed some shocking details.

She giggled: “I specialise in sexual health but I’m now also training part time to be a GP, so I’m going to combine the two. I work in a sexual health clinic, they’re all strange! They’re all strange Bradley!”

As Bradley laughed away, clapping his hands whilst he leaned on his podium struggling to regain composure, the health worker continued.

She harked out: “It usually starts with ‘My mate!’ … er, you mean you?”

Bradley then laughed out loud as he joined in the fun with his usual quick wit, looking towards the camera adding: “It’s funny you're here Dornu, because my mate…” before the pair erupted in fits of giggles.

Even 40-year-old Jenny got involved, joking: "I'm really glad you're here… my mate's got this really embarrassing problem, you need to help him!"

However, despite the lively start, the fun did not continue for the Liverpool native, as she failed to progress significantly in the programme and in the end she was the one who found herself caught off guard by The Vixen over a swimming question.

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Even though she got no questions right in the first segment of the programme and was playing for no money and just a place on the final panel, 34 year-old Donru mistook a pool noodle for a nugget and she so left the programme empty handed.

Elsewhere it was a Kelly, a 29-year-old administrator from Gloucester who also caught viewers attention with her strange admission.

Despite admitting she wanted to spend money going to the Cheltenham Festival, she made a surprising confession about another supernatural hobby of hers.

She explained: “I also enjoy paranormal investigating .. going about and lurking in old dark abandoned buildings.”

After Bradley asked if she had seen anything, she replied: “I have seen a few mists and I did actually see a figure when I was at work, working at a hospital it comes with the territory”.

Even the chaser Jenny Ryan couldn’t even help but join in the fun, as added in had her own spooky joke before she faced the contestant.

She exclaimed: “If you heard a bump in the night in Gloucester, it’s probably The Beast fell out of bed in South Wales.

Kelly also did not make it to the final round of the game and left the gameshow empty handed.

The Chase airs weeknights on ITV at 5pm


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